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There are blankets, sheets, hoods and leg warmers for miniature horses, ponies and draught horses. Sleepwear for horses Mini Horse Hood. Switch plates are ideal for horses that need additional protection from the weather. This blankets are of the highest quality and are specially made for miniature horses. Medium-heavy turnout ceilings - Heavy turnout ceilings.

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I' like to show AMHR shows in Ontario and in the USA. Shows both halters and top level stallions for farm tracks. I am also a great AMHR Nationals enthusiastic. Interests: I love breeding, train and save lamas, keep my miniature ponies and I am also part of the saving of the China mantle. I' m also breeding dexter bovine for meat and dairy.

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foals/ponies 24"- 46" 52" 52" 54" 56" 58" 58" 58" 60" 60" 62" 64" 66" 68" 68" 70" 72" 74" 75" 76" 78" 80" 81" 82" 84" 86" Front quilt for foals or ponies, front adjustment with broad hook and loop fastener, abdominal belt. The apartment is about 41"-46". Two buckles at the front, crossover adjustment abdominal belts and D-rings for the thighs, but the thighs are not supplied.

Enchanting miniature waterproof turnout rug for minis, foals, goats or large cats. If Jacks has Mfg clasps on the front of the ceiling, Jacks trademark can be. Non sized labeled, shallow dimensions about 36 " with maximum adjustment. Sizes - 36" Small quilt with front closure, waist strap and detachable stretch waiststrap.

For use on a small filly or miniature horse. About 32â long with a droplet of 17â. Ceiling is new, loops are used. Front quilt for filly, miniature horse or bangs, front adjustment with broad hook -and-loop strap & simple tots. Ideal for coldborn colts, minis or hard-to-fit small Ponys.

The apartment is about 36 ", as shown in the picture, with space for smaller or bigger dimensions. Stretchable, hard, diamond stitched 1/2 " padded 1/2 " padding, rip-stop-nail, front hook and loop fastener so very much adjustably, individual abdominal straps, tails in black rubber. Used new/never with genuine leather pendants, but sitting in the shed & got some stains that should be washed out, slight spalling on the cinch.

Beautiful rug for small ponies, big mini-horses or normal foals. Approximately 35â as set now, but can get a little smaller & up to 40". Size 35â - 40" Triple L has adopted the ceiling's renowned look and made a great cloth from durable Cordura material.

The sheet comes with a simple Velcro fastener at the front, Velcro abdominal strap, slit back wither and a hull with 5 darts and a cover. It has no safety belts, but is strong enough to resist the crossover. For use with a large hound, mini-horse, pony foal, etc.

Enchanting miniaturised watertight turnout rug for mini's or foals. It has a dual front clasp, pleats and a velcro fastener on the stomach. It is not sized labeled, owners tell me it is a 34â, apartment is 36â. The front panel is an outstanding stall, trailer and display panel. It' a cotton-poly mix with waistband, cockcase, D-rings for fastening thighs & a D-piece for fastening a cowl.

For new-born horses, colts or minihorses. Drawstring front, neckline or collars padded withberfleece, stomach wraps with hook and loop fastener and pleats for easy mobility. Enchanting miniaturised watertight turnout rug for minifoals, kids or cats. Height labeled is M, & shallow measurements about 23 " (neck to tail), neckline from 15 " to 22 ", & vertebral column is 17 ".

Smooth wool(?) blankets, sheets or blankets with front closure & 2 waist belts. Unmarked for height, but shallow is about 42â, so large for pony or horse foal. Stall rug with quilting, 2 buckles open at the front, stomach belts, lap elsewhere, back leggings, back with tang.

Beautiful tournament rug for foals or ponies. Nottagged, but shallow ca. 46â. Could/could still smaller fitting through front adjustment strap. Waterproof and breathable turnout cover with a waterproof diaphragm that repells drops of moisture while allowing steam to flow through. Abdominal belt. ADJUSTABLESlegs.

Two buckles at the front. The manufacturers have placed the Legstraps badly, so that the owners put them in the right positions, otherwise like new! Stallion cover in stitched polyamide with front closure, one piece abdominal belt and back thighs. Pens on the front and on the back measure approximately what they are highlighted.

Comes from a miniature horse ranch. Stitched turnout rug with 2 buckles open at the front with Velcro fastener for additional safety, crossing abdominal belts, cock covers, fitting at the back, & adjustably flexible thighs. It makes a beautiful soft rug for a foal or pony, but it is not watertight when used. It is not indicated as a variable, but it is about 46â.

Two buckles at the front, a variable abdominal cover with hook and loop fasteners and pleats ensure mobility. Enchanting miniature watertight turnout cover for mini's, foals or big dogs. L, shallow measurements about 30 " from the centre of the breast to the buttocks and 22 1/2 " along the vertebra. The front panel is an outstanding sheet for stables, trailers and shows.

It' a sturdy duffel with waistband and cock upholstery. The waistband has an overlap hook and loop fastener to prevent the hook and loop fastener from loosening. For newborns, foals or minihorses. 300 gram Codura thick shell, 300 gram polyester isolation with Nylonsheet & Flex at the wrist, D-rings around the neckline to attach a cowl, dual front clasp with hook and loop fastener, gusset, deep crossing adjustment abdominal belts, back legs & cockpiece.

Enchanting miniaturised turnout rug for miniature ponies, asses or small horse colts. Exceptional qualitiy to keep your minis safe and comfortable. Size - 36" Keep your best buddy snug in the Rider's International Dog Flying Dog Bright. Manufactured from 300 grams of hot, anti-pill polyester wool this cover has front and waist belts that are easy to adapt for the ultimate comfort with heavy-duty Velcro cuffs.

It can be used on miniature horses and is about 25" long with room to enlarge. Top made of cock -footed or woollen mix cotton, padded with extra smooth and comfortable cotton and padded with extra smooth cotton/belt. The front part has an elastic waist with hook and loop fastening. Dimensions: about 16 " for smallest and 17" for biggest setting.

Foals/Pony 24"- 46" 48" 48" 52" 54" 56" 58" 60" 60" 62" 64" 66" 68" 68" 70" 72" 74" 75" 76" 78" 80" 81" 82" 84" 86" Click on the horse to go forward or backward!

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