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Locally find miniatures in horses and ponies that are sought after in the UK and Ireland. You will find miniature horse search ads in our category Horses & Ponies. I' ve got young students and I need some miniatures or Shetland ponies for school. We' re on a lifestyle block and believe that this would be a great therapy We're always looking for a home for our rescue horses, ponies and donkeys. Long wanted a real miniature horse (no pony), long legs and slim.

Miniature horse wanted | buy & sale horses & Ponys

5 year old Gelding 14.2hh. Baloo for sal!! Easy to use at all times, but like any horse..... That' s Zac looking for his new home, I took him on as a volunteer over the whole season, but with a new career it's not a good thing, he needs a little bit of patience with him because he's a bit jumpy, but he's never been in danger with the right people. He'll be a great little one.

He is a gelding..... Hesitant and sorry sales of our beautiful 10 year old filly due to the move of the horsewoman. Was a great first pony: secure and simple to make, but no kill along guy. Since the lender buys her own horse.

2 hour old horse, soft and sensitive, 4 years old, with long reining and breaking in. Nice bangs..... 14.3hhhh, 11 years old, brown broodmares. The Tango has a nice natural environment. Sell Darcy 14. With a very hard feeling we offer our beloved Eddie Eka Llandaff Royalist for purchase, as he is now outgrowed.

He is a small, pure-bred miniature Shetland gelding with a great character and is a dauntless fighter (hence his name). Listed Welsh sec G filly 16 years old, 2 hours old with flaxen hair and tails. A good hacker can be a bit tough, but generally good to do. Nice to use on the floor without.....

He is a 9-year-old and 13-year-old. He has 2h horseback and has been from the last owner only slightly of me horseback bobsleigh is not a beginner horseback more 2. bangs thrill along model will very easy beautiful tho very sorry sales, but due to the work im with less and less and less times.....

He is a delicate bangs that needs to find a home where he can get used to himself before something is to him. symphony for sale / registrated fur filly, 13. This is a normal filly, but not evil! Washing mars for sal 12 years old 13. 1hhh pretty little filly with pockets full of character.

Gonna be a good one for someone or a nice dog for a whole house. It is a very sorry sell of my second blacksmith, he has a beautiful temper, likes attentiveness well with the blacksmith, well loaded. I have a 14 year old filly. 1 hour and 15-yard old horse. Real (100% bloodline) DNA-tested miniature Fallabella-horse.

Enrolled in the only two approved Falabella stud books - the Falabella Stamboek Europa and the British Falabella Studbook. He is a gentleman, he is living all year round and is simple and inexpensive to keep. 5 year old Ninja Nelly (Yeats x Donna's Princess x Supreme Leader) in second and third place in one point to point.

Halfsister to 3 Negroes, Carrigmartin, City Slicker and Hannah's Princess. About 13 hh friendly tolerant natural-pody ...she likes attentiveness. If an exzellent childrenâ?? toy or lead-pony part would be break, was lungung, long contained, fully pinned...led out in intercourse and was placed on her.load, blacksmith (currently barefoot).....

A 2h sec velsh sec offspring he is young in hearts this young has all this fringe is conspicuous he would gain in showing good catches, living in or out with or without carpets a good teenager/mothers fringe would not be rejected as reasonable deals at home is more important than.....

PLCBS recorded Skewbald Miniature Shetland Shamrock maids from Fairytail Shamrock. She is a beautiful filly that is simple in every way.

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