Miniature Horses for Adoption in California

Adoption of miniature horses in California

Established by a very special girl and her very special horse. Hidden in the hills and valleys of picturesque Sebastopol, California is a dedicated breeder of champion AMHA miniature horses: As a result, our costs for care increase, as the rescue often arrives. Saving and sanctuary for miniature horses. We' ve got everything from the smallest miniature horse to the biggest draught horse.

Miniature horses for adoption in Brentwood " CBS San Francisco

frentowood (kpix 5) - Scores of saved miniature horses have come to the bay area from northern california and many of them need a new home. Angles for Minis, a Brentwood-based equine sanctuary, has been given 47 horses from the Redding area, all from one single trad. "There was a lady who had over two hundred horses and gave us 47 because she just can't take charge of everyone," said Bob Beck, co-founder of Minis, KPIX 5.

Most of them are disposed of or handed over by the owners of pets who are not able to afford their living. A cofounder of Angels for Minis, Mary Stewart said they have about 35 more horses to accommodate in new sheds. University of California Davis Veterinary School will also be examining the horses this week-end.

If you would like to adopt a miniature animal, you can find out more at

Ramona CA Baker Ranch Equine Rescue - Homepage

Most of my relatives, acquaintances and strong supporter know that I have chosen to end the salvation. The 6 lifeponies we have remaining will live with me and my whole household, but we will not take any more at this point and will not carry out the fundraising activities on a month-by-month basis.

BRÉR is one of the greatest lovers of my being and all his marvelous advocates are right there with him, but sorry for me it is definitely emotional, financial and physical case. Please everyone comprehend how much lives I have given for salvation and put this into context before I am frustrated.

I have a spouse who has been playing the second violin to save most of our wedding and who earns much more than I have given him, and I must make him and the remainder of my home a topprivilege. I have an ageing granny who is living alone and will need me to take good after her.

Rescuing them is an emotional and physical exertion that has taken its toll over the years. I' ll help and assist them, as the clock allows. Scrolling down my screen you will see some new and older bailouts we like.

Let me urge you to like and accept these pages, as they will need the kind of loving and supportive help you have been giving us for so many years.

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