Miniature Horses for Sale

Horse miniatures for sale

There may be other horses/foals not listed on the sale page, or I may know friends who have horses for sale that meet your needs. SHOWHORSES FOR SALE. Any moment spent in the presence of miniature horses is never free. Horse Farm High Country Miniatures offers photos and videos of miniature horses with pictures and videos of miniature horses for sale. World and Bundeschampion miniature horses with family, faith, friends and Fabulous Horses.

Hippopotamus Horses

Lot 7004 - 7010 is the spread of Harlin Jurgins. For many years Harlin has been bringing his kittens to this sale. The horses are of good qualitiy. 7004 is the father of the foal and the broodmares have been walking back with him since the foal. REQUEST: Prospective shippers & purchasers must send all miniature horses sales enquiries to Mary Beth Truitt Please indicate the REFERENCE NUMBER when sending the letter.

The" numbers" allocated to the horses on this website are for request purposes only and do not indicate" sales orders" or are correlated with a" day" number allocated to the horses on the date of sale.

Miniature Quicksilver Horse Ranch for sale

The For Sale plaque in front of the Quicksilver Miniature Horse ranch in Solvang was a riot because many local people and tourists wanted to know what was going on with the much-loved store. They have become a large part of the horse families, as well as many of the people who keep returning to see their kids and friends," says Aleck Stribling, the owners of the farm.

Knibling was borne and grown up in Montecito on the renowned Riven Rock estate, where his grandfather was the groundsman. When he graduated from Santa Barbara High College, Mr. and Mrs. Stribling got to marry his high scholastic louise and they were living on the property when he worked for his late papa while he became a carpenter's apprentices.

"He said, "I worked on the missions and other premises until a mate of mine and I got into the orchids game. He and his boyfriend Emmet Gallup founded Gallup & Knibling Orchids Inc. The Striblings bought a plot of land in Paso Robles with one stud and two broodmares to open a school.

Although the horses are small, the familiy quickly realised that their 10 mornings were not enough to manage when they found the estate in the countryside of Solvang near Ballard. Quicksilver Ranch has been open seven nights a day for centuries, until recently closed on Sunday, and visitors from all over the globe have come to see their miniature horses.

"For about 15 years we showed them, and our grandkids, especially our Denise (Stribling), were involved," he said. He said he could not run the estate without his familiar associates "the Josés" - José Luquin has been with them for 25 years and José Meza for 15.

"You are our ancestors and have helped in most of our important times, even when you are not asked," said astribling. He said the miniature horses shop was not a shop he came into to make a living. "and my loving wife and daughter.

Horses have a place in my heart," he said. They' ve been selling horses all the way to Japan and Great Britain. Several years ago, when the recent devastation struck the Santa Ynez Valley, Mr. and Mrs. Stribling really began to think about a successor and decide to resell most of his flock to good houses.

The majority of the horses left on the land are owned by other horses, and the familiy has about 12 horses of its own. This is for her realtor Lori Stribling, who assisted him with the start of his run and was there when they purchased the first horses.

"It is appropriate, I think, that she helps us to end this section as well," said astribling. There are $3. 9 million worth of ownership and the company is hoping that whoever purchases it could keep a minivan or two on the estate for the public to see. For the list, login to and to find out more about the Quicksilver story, go to Facebook and look for the Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch.

Striblings are planning to be open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 3pm until the farm is out.

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