Miniature Horses for Sale in Alabama

Hippopotamus for sale in Alabama

Hippopotamus for sale in Alabama. The AMHR Black Splash miniature filly. A MOTOR Sorrel Overo miniature mare. AHMR /AMHA miniature horses for sale breeders of quality Overo, color and miniature horses. We're in West Central Alabama.

Hippopotamus for sale in Alabama

LocationEthelsville, AL ...... 32" Black Appy Stllion Sohn von Mountain Highs Tiger Too Black Leopard 29" Mutter ist Canterbury........ LocationEthelsville, AL.... A new 3-year-old AMHR Pretty Pony Black Velvet Splash 32 " with big black eye, great dam is a..... LocationEthelsville, AL.... AMHR-registrated broodmare Diamond has bred beautiful miniature babies ]

LocationEthelsville, AL.... Brood mare is a great brood mare, who produces noisy colour and sprays babys black/white, who is her infant..... ARMHR Miniature grey stallion 30" LocationEthelsville, AL.... Rajah's Silver Bullet was borne as a colour He is a puppet, a little kid who sells all our minis..... LocationEthelsville, AL....

4 year old 32" Blue Barbie mare out of 2 Blue Wild Design a split t..... Ethelsville site, AL .... "The prices were lowered................ Found in Alabama educated to face Karre Soon to draw..... Father and mother are both Appaloosas, very soft, he would also be great for the upcoming year?

That' Bugs, she' s a 12-year-old 33-inch mini-pony.

Andalusia Miniature Horses Alabama | Jerusalem Donkey

There is a wide range of miniature horses and Jerusalem burros to suit every taste and every taste. Those charming horses can be just about anything you want. Each of our thumbnails is different and one-of-a-kind.

We' re a member of the AMHA and are passionately interested in creating high qualitiy thumbnails with outstanding exterior, finest qualitiy and sensational presente. It is our missions to find the right animal for the real miniature enthusiast. We have over 50 years of miniature horses bred and cared for, offering an elegant, refined and top class choice.

At the moment we are working on a new programme for the training of therapeutic and leadership horses.

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