Miniature Horses for Sale in Alberta

Thumbnails for sale in Alberta

Might make a nice driving horse. Prepared for a new home at the end of September. The group is responsible for the sale of miniature horses and related services in Canada and Alberta. We are proud to breed miniature horses and fine Alberta lamb on our farm west of Airdrie. Advertise your court and miniature horses worldwide!

Miniature Whipsering Hills Horse Farm

My friends, my hopes and my ambitions to breed and show these extraordinary miniature horses were a joyous and worthwhile trip. The Whispering Hills Miniature Horse Farm in southern Alberta, Canada, 5 Leagues E of Medicine Hat, just 90 Leagues Noth of Havre, Montana, is now fully distributed.

We sell all horses. You can find the first choice of horses for sale on our website. We will list the second half of our flock in spring 2018, if the wheather permits. There are NO personal answers to any of your queries about our horses for sale.

Horse miniatures for sale

We are a small business and operate from 2 sites near Ponoka, Alberta Canada. Our breed is proud of our breed for sophistication, exterior, descent and predisposition. The All-Around miniature is also bred for us, which is able to appear in the holster, while riding and all other facets of the miniature-horseworld.

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One of the most renowned miniature horse libraries in North America. Breed with the highest pedigrees and a meticulous breed programme, we can sell a wide range of horses of outstanding qualities. For viewing the thumbnails..... In 1993 we began with thumbnails after seeing them shown at Calgary Stampede and realizing that they were like big horses the size from below, and that was very attractive because they came from a thoroughbred and standard backgrounds.

We' re trying to keep our flock sizes between 35 and 45 heads, but as everyone who's in miniatures knows, it's sometimes hard to keep up with these adorable little boys. Impressum Miniature Horses has recently been awarded a 2012 Top Ten Honor Roll certificate by the American Miniature.....

We' ve recently updated our website with a contemporary look and a brandnew horses page, which.....

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