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She' s broken halter, broken lead, trailer, and is good around kids and other minis. We' re a small miniature horse farm in the south of Illinois. Horse miniature farm, specialized in Appaloosa minis for sale in Southern Illinois. AMHA and AMHR registered horses. South of Illinois, a miniature horse farm.

Hippopotamus for sale in Illinois

The Hawkeye is an expert driver. Sparkle is a sweet Pintaloosa, non-registered, well set up, good hoofs good tough, broken holster, inquisitive,..... dark, brow and bright chequered it all - mind, conformation, intellect awarded flock..... That' Bugs, she' s a 12-year-old 33-inch mini-pony. That' Forest, he' s a five-year-old 29-inch tiny sire.

Absolutely nice miniature foal for sale.


.. We' re a small miniature equestrian ranch in the south of Illinois. Breeding high class AMHA and AMHR listed miniature horses for sale, show or domestic animals, concentrating on the Appaloosa. Not only do we grow according to colour, but above all according to shape and temper. Hopefully you will call us and visit our ranch and our horses.

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with Buckeroo, Gold Melody Boy, Johnstons Gold Bar, Glenn's Southern Legend, Boogerman, Rowdy, Little Kinings, Free Blue Boy, Little America's und Bond Blutlinien....... Situated in the center of Illinois, Glasford invites you to come and see us. Our speciality is the miniature breed of horses. There are a number of miniature horses for sale.

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Small equestrian centre

We treat and love our horses every day. All our offspring are lovingly cared for and domesticated from the moment they are born. During foal season our broodmares are watched with a camera and holster-monitor. Our horses are all up to date with the latest vaccines and worm treatments and have their hoofs trimming on a regular basis. In 2007 we began with miniature horses.

The horses were always full, but after I was hurt in a horseback ride in 2003, we looked at the thumbnails. After falling in loving her, we took our first one home in February 2007. All colours are loved, but especially the Appaloosa. They have the blood lines in their pedigree like Stouts, Amateur Horse, Sulphuras, Komokos, Kobecks, Vant Huttenest, Dippers Duffy, Dell Teras and others.

We have worked very hardworking to build a high class miniature-horsearm. There are many who do not realize why we want to invest so much of our spare horses and work on our yard. Both of us are rural dwellers and we like our horses and nature.

It' everything's good for foalage. Hopefully you will call us and visit our ranch and our horses.

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