Miniature Horses for Sale in Iowa

Thumbnails for sale in Iowa

She is an AMHR mare who has already had several pinto babies for us. She's open voluntarily this year because she had a foal for us last year. There are two locations because our daughter has her own group of horses at home. P Miniature horses, Anamosa, IA. Wellcome to S Bar P Miniature Horses!

Cattery of the 34" and sub-miniature horse

Our stud is only 30 min eastwards of Cedar Rapids, IA on 6379 Hwy 1, Martelle, IA. By 2016 we have developed into a second ranch that accommodates our show horses near Swisher, IA. There is a large selection of miniature horses. Our horses are bred with good results in the 27" - 34" area.

If you are looking for a domestic animal, a showhorses, a therapyhorses, a domestic animal, monochrome, deerskin or pinto, we have you in our sights! On our sale page you will find the current list of available horses. Have a look at photos of our 2016 NATIONAL CHAMPION and 2016 GRAND NATIONAL RESERVE CHAMPION 30" and under Country Pleasure Driver as well as our 2016 RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPION 30" and under Holder Stallion.

Please have a look at our stallion page to see our versatile and efficient line!

Miniature Geo-Mar Horses

Situated in the east of Iowa, we breed high-quality miniature horses for show, riding, company and joust! We' ll have several horses in practice over the winters. We may be able to take you to our stables if you are in the west of the USA and are interested in one of our horses.

Throughout our life we have worked with many horse races; saddle horses for events and trails, as well as horses for practice and races with standard tack. While we still do occasional rides, we have given up trapeze horse education and cycling. Once our first grandchild could run (maybe even before!), he worked with us in the stable and on the jogging carriage while we coached our racehorses.

Soon, we determined that he needed something a little bit nearer his height to work with him and found the ideal shape for the miniature horses. All of our grandkids have learnt to care for and wash hooves, swim and ride horses by working with them. Of course we fell in romance with the small race.

Our aim is to create a high class race of miniature paintings. Most of our little ones have the exterior and the kennel for the shows, but we try to keep our prizes so low that a new owners can enjoy the character of the miniature horse race.

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