Miniature Horses for Sale in ma

Minitour horses for sale in ma

Explore Kid Safe Horses for sale in Massachusetts, America's largest horse marketplace. That is no place for horses for sale. It is the smallest of the miniature horses and has therefore been nicknamed "Teelöffel" by the volunteers. He's UTD at vaccinations. Unser Hengst - Our mares.

Horses for sale in Massachusetts

ASK FOR THE LATEST PRICES. CCC is a wonderful top product. Do not look any further our horses and Ponys are very well educated and..... ASK FOR THE LATEST PRICES. Mauestro is a lovely QH appendice, which has a lovely character and is simple..... ASK FOR THE LATEST PRICES. ASK FOR THE LATEST PRICES.

He' Uno is a nice boy who is well received! Free Lease Lollipop is a 20 year old WB mares, 15+ handed. Cute, calm, sure filly, who for years..... Available and ready, Star is a lovely mares good for beginners and.....


Situated in the rolling countryside of West Massachusetts, our small ranch allows us to give our horses personalised, caring and caring treatment every night. We, as salesmen, are committed to making sure that the horses are simple to use and well educated for their new owner, and in exchange they will hopefully be looked after by the new owner with much affection and joy.

We are very proud of the fact that we carry out all the work connected with the practice, the exhibition, the breed and the general maintenance of these valuable little horses. Through the crossbreeding of our multi-champion stud with the winning mare ?Blue Boyï we have created some good horses of high qualitiy. The horses are LOVING the spotlight!

Equestrian horses for sale on other farms: The American Miniature Horse Association Register of Horses 34" and below. Kiwifruit New England Miniature Horse Society Member of AMHA. 38 " American Miniature Horse Registry Register of Horses and below with A and Bi Division. Miniature Colonial Horse Club, connected to AMHR. L'il Beginnings miniature horse page with forum etc.

We would be happy to listen from you! in any way, shape or means without prior approval in writing from Mini Mac Farm.

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