Miniature Horses for Sale in Missouri

Thumbnails for sale in Missouri

2 miniature mares for sale in Saint Louis MO. Every year we have a few foals for sale. Minature horse for sale, Missouri, Warrenton. Miniature Rocking Horse Ranch falabella horses for sale and Old English Sheepdogs and Swans and Babydoll Sheep. we' ve got a small, selected breeding program.

Thumbnails for sale in Missouri

That' Bugs, she' s a 12-year-old 33-inch mini-pony. That' Forest, he' s a five-year-old 29-inch tiny sire. Its ripe size is anticipated in the 30 "-32" area, AMHA &... Absolutely nice miniature foal for sale.

Granat is two month old, very kind mare foal. Classic Velvet Minnie Mouse is a very sophisticated, AMHA and AMHR certified mare.....

span>Breeding & Rearing Falabella Horses>

Falabella is a miniature horse race that has been kept clean for innumerable generation by bred only Falabellas with other Falabellas. Known as the first and primordial miniature horse race, the miniature horse is second only to its heir. This is a real thoroughbred plant because of its singular and historical lineage, which is one of its greatest characteristics.

And the other is that the name Falabella is known and recognised all over the word. The breed has been kept clean by Falabella Farm and small groups of committed growers who want to conserve their valuable heirs. Falabella is an exquisite, singular animal, which has always been a rarity due to its small number of genes of pedigree.

It is estimated that there are only a few thousand Falabellas in the whole wide globe. Falabella's most desired trait and its main value is its rareness and pristine Falabella blood. The Falabellas are very demanding to own and are highly appreciated by those who have them. At the moment we specialize in Falabella horses only.

We' re in the northwest of Missouri in the countryside. At the moment we are setting up our flock to be able to provide horses in different colours. Each horse is DNA checked and equipped with 15 numbered microchips to protect its inheritance. Each of our horses is DNA checked and equipped with 15 numbered microchips to guarantee the highest possible horse qualities.

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