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Often Dead Broke Farm buys horses that have been neglected and abused. Also we have MDR-registered miniature donkeys for sale. The main breeding consists of AMHA miniature horses and MDR miniatures. AQHA and APHA horses for sale and stallions at Barefoot Farms. We are located in Forest City, NC.

North Carolina World Class Miniature Horse Registry,


Apaloosa miniature horses performing! Trapeze workout & trapeze workout available. 919-989-7812. the home of the small horses with the big hearts. Contacting Bill or Pam at Banks Miniature Horse Farm, 919/553-7216 or 919/412-1684, e-mail: Horses of the highest class for the show and "only one pet"! Raleigh's only miniature horse stables.

Anyone who said that you can' t buy luck with your own cash did not know where to buy a miniature animal and encouraged the family to come more often and often bring their grandkids to see the horses.

Anyone who said that you can' t buy luck with your own cash did not know where to buy a miniature animal and encouraged the family to come more often and often bring their grandkids to see the horses. The miniature horses are the ideal sized to place their small nose over the bed splint of bed-ridden horses or in the womb of a wheeled one.

Medical personnel have said that during and after their visit with these small ambasadores the patient becomes more proactive and reactive. It' s a pity to think about whether someone is misusing one of these cute little things or not, but it happens our vision would be to be able to offer a secure haven for all of them.

Having allowed them to recuperate from any abuses or maltreatment, our aim is to educate as many of them as possible. It is an important part of Horse Hug's work to teach youngsters how to care for and care for them.

Equestrian rescue program in Raleigh, NC at Dead Broke Farm

We were rescued from hunger. I was e-mailed by a mate who said that there was a poorly conditioned Harnett County Animals Control mare who needed someone to take him in. On October 17, 2013 we went to the kennel and were horrified at the state of the stallion, so of course we took him home to our herd.

He was called "Chance" for two reasons: 1 ) We felt like he deserves another shot at a happier, healthier lifestyle, and 2) there's a possibility he won't make it. Equestrians with a body condition score of 1 on a 1 - 9 level (like Chance) have a 20% probability of death from irreversible damages to their inner parts, especially their hearts, bronchial tubes, bronchial tubes, lungs, livers and cardioids.

At first he was too fragile to run the chance of inserting a virus into his system or stun him to let his mouth float. Chancery is only 8 years old, but he has suffered many of his cheek teeths from serious undernourishment, making it more difficult to rehabilitate. In spite of everything he's been through, we are confident that opportunity will fully recover.

The coincidence can already be seen after 9 week on our yard. Turns out Chance kept something from us at first. Had he been permitted to stay a stallion, he could never have been grazed with other horses: he would have raised our broodmares and battled them with our geldings or mutilated or slaughtered them.

Dead Broke Farm is a place where we like horses and find it hard to turn our backs on horses that are underfed, hurt, undesirable, mistreated, slaughtered, slaughtered or in need of proper grooming or veterinarian treatment. Since 2004 we have saved more than 80 horses. They are an inspirational experience for everyone they meet, so we want to tell you some of their story.

It ended up in the hand of a horseman who raised it but failed to adequately deworm or give it food. We' ve fed her, gained her confidence, taught her to horseback riding under saddles, and now she's one of the children's favourite horses because she's so gorgeous and cuddly.

He is another of our horses of survival. He is the same old as the filly next to him, but he should be much taller than the other filly, because Booger is a large breeding line, while the other filly is a regular one. We had Booger with us for about 3 month when this image was taken, so you can only guess how skinny he was when we first got him.

Well, we bought Booger from an on-line equestrian auctions. It gave him a physical fitness grade of "one" on a 1 to 9 ratio, with 1 being a hungry pony and a 9 overweight. Booger took more than a year to look like a steed and not a chamel, but after another two years he actually began to develop.

Booger had withered away, so he probably will never achieve his full capacity to be a 17-handed, 2000 pound heavy Belgium draught-engine, but he is still very nice and kind to us. and we called him Booger because he looked so pathetic. Subconsciously we called him "our little Booger", and the name got caught.

Booger is now enjoyed by many folks, among them the kids who visit our horseback school. He was examined by the veterinarian and we bought him in the knowledge that we were confronted with a $1,000 veterinarian bill in the first weeks and that he would not live because of his debilitated state and the hunger that could have already damaged his helf.

He was our first lifeboat. Broodmares spend their whole gestation in chairs so small that the horses cannot lay down or turn around.

Today Bo is in good health and happiness, where he inspires the horsemen with his impish farces on the hump. It plays an important part on our yard because it is one of twelve draught horses that can carry horsemen up to 450 pounds, so we don't have to refuse or offend anyone by asking them about their weights in the open.

As racehorses' career comes to an end at the "mature age" of four, they are often resold to sell to kill purchasers they send to Canada or Mexico to be butchered there and prepared for food for human consumption. However, this is not always the case. Although Americans do not consume horsemeat, it is regarded as a treat in other nations such as Japan and Europe.

A disproportionately large number of thoroughbreds and standard breeds (which draw the sulkies) are butchered each year, although they are completely sane. A thoroughbred we got from HRSU together with another thoroughbred called Valentine and a standard blood called Tommy. The HRU is a equestrian charity dedicated to the salvation of former racehorses and other horses tied to slaughtering.

We-- We purchased destroy y from an equine sale in oxford,NC. She is now 4 years old, riding bankrupt and "healthy as a horse". "I weep every goddamn sight of this slaughtering material, and I think you will, but it is the nasty fact that it will be the fortunes of more than 100,000 horses a year that will motivate me to rescue every single one of them that I can rescue from such an abominable end.

"Trigger " "Sam" "Tiny - Before Eye Surgery" We will gladly show you these beautiful horses, tell you their tales and let you let them go ridin' when you come to our cattery. Come out and see these great horses. Join our volunteers programme or make a booking for the equestrian adventures of a lifetime! It' s up to you!

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