Miniature Horses for Sale in pa

Minature horses for sale in Pa

When you buy a horse from us, we are always at your side with words and deeds. Sales, training & demonstration of quality horses. Stable Stables - Catering & Lessons Stable Chester Co, PA. "'LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING ON THE HORIZON." Classic Equine Miniatures welcomes you in Mackeyville, PA.

PA Pennsylvania Miniature Horse for sale

For the 2017 foal, please click on the Facebook page. It' going to show you what and why we raise these marvelous little horses. The Hidden Timber Ranch miniature horses are embedded in the spurs of south-western Pennsylvania. We have a miniature horses programme designed to produce the best AMHA/AMHR "A" horses with colour, overhead, tack and tabo.

Our aim is to breed top horses, but our horses are beautiful and accurate enough to triumph in the holster ring, and they have facilities that make them ideal for domestic animals, companion horses or therapeutic horses. We' always have some good check horses for sale. Breeding 6 to 10 colts per year with a lot of loving care.

With these very important things in the back of our minis' minds: build, posture, crotch and colour. We breed our horses in such a way that they are characterized by power, holsters and a lot of loving care. Please go to the below link to see all our little horses. Ghostly I kept as my showpiece when his father withdrew from the ring, and to my surprise he entered exactly where T-Bone stopped without missin' a beating.

He came home with his first big Pintoshow with the prize for the all-round successful High-Point-Mini for the show. These are some pics from the New England Pintoshow. You can see what they are all up to these dates by visiting our new page with T-Bones (War Chiefs) colts of the past and present, you can see what they are all up to these dates by click on T-Bones Foal.

Many more photos of Ghost can also be seen here! Please send me an e-mail if you have any queries about any of the horses on this page.

Classic horse miniatures

Miniature Horses: Classic Equine miniature is situated in Central Pennsylvania along Duck Run Road in the small town of Mackeyville - directly on Interstate 80. It is our aim to breed the perfect Arab in a small packet. Pride in the heritage of some of the greatest miniature horses. We have four of our stallions: Little Boy Blue Flying W Farms, Boones Little Buckeroo, Wittmaack's Mickey Mouse, Little King's A Blaze N Buck.

Each of our horses has a pedigree that includes some of the following: Golden Melody Boy, Rowdy, Rhotens Little Dandy, Sweetbriars The Crimson Cricket und viele mehr. There are those who have the coveted Shetland Pony Mixture on sale through Golden Melody Boy and Rowdy. All of these well-bred horses are top blood lines that produce the highest qualitiy foal.

Sales offers: These are only available because we have geared our cultivation programme to solid materials with a certain sample. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all horses on offer are of very high standard and have beautiful head, ear, topline, leg, etc. Our breed programme is geared to a certain design, but the horses' qualities and functions are not compromised.

Their grandfathers are Boone Little Buckeroo and Flying W Farms Little Boy Blue. With her grandfather Gold Melody Boy she provides the coveted Shetland Pony mix.

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