Miniature Horses for Sale in South Africa

Thumbnails for sale in South Africa

Cottages for sale and rent, Margate. " Click here to view horses for adoption in South Africa. A mature miniature horse called Thumbelina is the smallest horse in the world. Are you looking for horses for sale in SA? see our large selection of horses for sale in SA from riding and dressage horses to show jumpers and all-rounders.

When you just want to show that there are many small ponies that are normally for sale.

There are miniature horses in many countries, especially in Europe and America.

There are miniature horses in many countries, especially in Europe and America. Miniature horses are designated by the size of the pet, which is usually less than 86-97 cm (34-38 inches), according to the register of breeds, compared to the last hair of the male at the withers. 86-97 cm (34-38 inches) is the maximum length of the pen.

Miniature horses are the sizes of very small ponies, but many horses keep their qualities and are regarded as "horses" by their index. The miniature horses are kind and interacts well with humans. This is why they are often kept as domestic animals, although they must maintain a horses predisposition to nature, as well as a sense of fighting or escape, and be handled like a dog, even though they are primarily used as such.

It is also educated as servants, similar to assistants for disabled persons. We also train miniature horses for riding, mobility and other tournaments. Many equestrian shows are available from registration offices and show sanction organisations around the world. Horses or ponies?

2016 Miniature Horse Foal for sale Gordons Bay

We have been raising miniature horses since 2000 and our flock comes from the best blood lines in the state. However, we do not offer up either pedigrees or colours through the exterior. The flock must have an excellent exterior, a healthy spirit, good intellect and mobility. Since we decide not to show this year, but we devote a lot of our spare minute and care to keep up to date with what wins and how it fits our breed-programme.

We have DNA/PQ testing of our flock (PQ if possible - although I myself no longer breed horses I haven't breed!), so we know what you get is what we say!

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