Miniature Horses for Sale Nsw

Horse Miniatures for sale Nsw

A miniature stud in the NSW breeding of miniature horses, American Shetlands, miniature donkeys, miniature cattle and miniature American Dachshund. He was a very popular family member at a miniature stud farm on the Gold Coast. A pair of mini heifers for sale. Southerly NSW Australia. Grey horses are very beautiful because they have white spots or dark rings (dapples) on their fur when it turns grey.

one can buy miniature horses in the north of nsw Australia near the Gold Coast.

Would you like to own one of the most colourful small, delicate miniature horses? There are over 80 miniature horses and some are always for sale. Razelle Palmdale Dazzelle filly, I brought his dam from the USA Her name is B Legacys Powder Puff She was 29.5" "The Amazing World of Animals in Miniature".

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Please note: We are accepting Paypal to make shopping with us even simpler! We only sell horses to registered houses and we retain the right to alter or cancel the sale at any given moment without prior notification. Lay-by for authorized customers over an arranged period to give everyone the possibility to own a high class miniature animal!

Veterinary checks are advisable and advisable at the buyer's cost.

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Cultivation of grafted horses in miniature format. Australia's leading miniature equestrian herd. Breeder of Qualitäts-Champion sires. "Masters in Miniature " GENDEE GROVE MINIATURE EQUINE STUDGendee Grove Miniature Equine Studies Stud Stud Stud Studer of Champion Miniatures "Irriwilbin" Miniature Horses and Caspic Horses breeded to confirm for Harness and Show. The Jackafella farm is home to mini-ponies and horses. pentland-gadara-gunadoo-jindaberra, mini-world includes gray-chestnut-2palouse-black-rich pen.

Breeder of Miniature Pinschers g & Minifoxies. with nice temperament and great outfit. TEENY GEE GEE GEE MINIITURE STABLE.


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