Miniature Horses for Sale Ontario

Hippopotamus for sale Ontario

Find out about the latest advertisements for "miniature horses for sale" in Ontario. The AMHA/AMHR miniature horse herd reduction. Horse, cart and harness for sale. Visit our website for offers, contact us for information and prices. A third of Canada's population lives in Ontario, and everyone knows that our classifieds are the best place to find horses in the province!

dreaming becomes true!

My name is Nancy Shantz and I am the proprietor of the Sweetdreams horses. When I had to drop her off because of heatstroke, I had a standard until 1990. For two years I was without a stallion and dreamed of getting miniature horses.

In October 1992 my boyfriend phoned me and asked if we wanted to go to Wiarton and see some miniature horses? We had a large indefinite quantity amusement happening to happening them to propulsion, etc until the day came that we complete that it outgo as large indefinite quantity to stronghold a animal degree animal as it is a superior degree one. present we person top genealogy mark kind Buckeroo, Grosshill, King of Egypt and umpteen statesman, which kind us businessman of champion degree animal that we filming out in the entertainment chain them artist in their own abstraction.

Our aim is to breed for excellence. We invite you to come in and share our horses with us! Hopefully you will like your stay, just put a checkmark and come back!

Canada's home of the Arenosa in miniature

I' ve been working with horses for almost 30 years. How many folks have I gone from the big horses to the small horses. This American miniature horse has a very special character and intellect. My first miniskirt I got in 1995 as a stable maskottchen, but it did not take long, until I had established a flock AMHA/AMHR horses.

Having observed how the race has developed, I have now chosen to focus on ASPC/AMHR-registered horses. I' m devoted to raising horses of good qualities and have been advertising our stallion Establo Radiant with HOF in Halfter for 3 years. Due to the generous nature of Sandy Nicolls from Establo I have a small group of Arenosa broodmares that will be raised with Radiant from 2009.

All I really like about Arenosa horses is their equilibrium in appearance and their healthy, willing mind.

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