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Horses are occasionally for sale, foals from March on the stations. Mare, Stallions, Foals, Horses for sale, Carlow, Ireland, AMHA, AMHR, ASPC. Sponsor, sponsor or adopt rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. Rehabilitating, training and re-home rescued horses in Dublin and Leinster, Ireland. Choice of horses and ponies for sale!

Thin ponies

Hello everyone, I am looking for some information about miniature ponies, I am looking for 5-10 miniature broodmares for breed hopefully in my area or nearby. Everyone with info could here please thank reond. miniature shtlands or fallsabellas? Secondly where are you founded? kosher fallsabellas (miniature horse) are tough to come by - they must have paperwork that states they are 100% and come from the Argentina camp line, many folks call a minipony furabellas.

Loose miniponies in the done deal. there are no sells in any horses at all Latin,.a. lot pumped so make sure you have good tight houses for your fillies. don't want any particular brood, just broods under 36 inch. good robust, good looking mares. lovely. Falabolas are very seldom here in Ireland.

After having been cultivated in the past, their pure pedigree is not fully valued, as the folks who, in comparison to the actual business, sale imitations as Falabellas. So if you are interested in developing the mini-race in Ireland by growing from good-looking broodmares, you should consult the hpsi to get a listing of breeder in your area. js2010, What exactly is the point of raising non-specific ponies that nobody wants; so you can join the listing of those who try to put them on the market on donoral, "because they are overcrowded" for EUR 150.

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We are proud to breed miniature register horse with good exterior, covered in a range of nice colors. There are about 25 of us, mostly US miniatures, but we also have Falabellas, blends and British miniatures, the ponies are primarily selected for their exterior, we do not prefer a single registration.

Breathtaking American sire RHA Rangers Absolut (reg AMHA & AMHR). Many of them are multi-champions and we enjoy showing our contribution to our absolute and home-grown population. There are a small number of colts we raise for ourselves, but we sometimes have to sell a horse, it's an expansive pastime and that will help us to support them!

We' re very proud of our young Absolut...... He' was a big winnin' in the States and he made us proud in Ireland too. Look at the page of the stallions to see some of his most important victories - what a stable mare he is, how could we wish for more!

Winner of the All Ireland Champion Titles in...2011, 2012 and 2013, each under different magistrates from different nationalities! im so proud of this kid, what a tremendous performance for a little horse, hes won the national championship twice and now hes took the backlog and the first spare title! r!

MHCI Championships were something very particular for us, because besides Absolut Supreme we also won the Champion Filly of 2011 with Celticmist Remarkable Renegade and at the Championships 2012 again with Celticmist Absolut Joy, Absolut bred many winners and is the only miniature in Ireland that has bred a World and State Champion!

In 2009 AMHA World Champion Junior Stallion and in 2010 AMHR National Champion. This is RHA Mercury in the possession of Karen Hunter from AKS Miniatures. Absolute colts, here at Celticmist are shown on our colt page on arrival.

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