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We have decided to do this after many years of breeding and raising miniature horses. Emmett, Michigan. The Pine Ridge Farm is specialized in miniature horses in Arabic style. Our herd is deliberately kept small and we focus on quality instead of quantity. Michigan miniature horse and Shetland pony farms and related farms.

We have since developed into a flock of 80 miniature ponies on over forty hectares.

We have since developed into a flock of 80 miniature ponies on over forty hectares. They made us proud and proved themselves in the show ring, both in the holster and at the wheel! We' re getting older and changes at work and at home have made it necessary to scatter most of our flock and keep only a few from which we cannot part.

That was not a quick choice and it will be difficult to see every one of our loved ones go. Look around..... whether you are looking for a showjumper or a best mate (!), we will do our best to find your ideal one.

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The Pine Ridge Farm is specialized in miniature Arabes. Our flock is deliberately kept small and we rely on qualitiy instead of number. Our tried-and-tested products create the perfect balance between physique, exercise, good physical condition and dispositions. 2044 AMHA World Championship Top Three Stallion of Current Year 26" Wir hatten eine tolle Meisterschaft !

Top five national winners: Congratulation to all our dogs and doghunters! Several national championships Top Ten victories:


Amore' Miniature Horse & Shetland Ponies is a long-time AMHR ASPC & AMHA sponsor, Janice Silvio is Junior Judge for ASPC AMHR ASPR & AMHA, Amore' is home to D&S Peeping Tom 36 Times National Champion & Sire to World Champion & National Champions **** Also home of Willowlawn Wildfire Multi Grand Champion and Sire to Multi National & Congress Champions.

Every year in the springs we put our colts up for sale and include Pride & Care in our horse programme and the progeny we are offering. Weighward Winds Miniatures is a South West Michigan based company dedicated to selective stud, rearing and sale of miniature horse traits at the market.

Our speciality is to breed top performing and riding ponies for an optimal outdoors. She is Dusty Lanes Vegas Bet A Buck, 2002 AMHA/AMHR/IBHA, PQ'd, 32" grlla, homozygotun (, DD, Ee, aa), only stud boy of Hilltops Little Vegas, first minis with a rare black horse from IBHA; Silver Birchs DLBs Trouble Gunsmoke, 2008 ASPC/AMHR/IBHA, 37.

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