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SALE - SALE - GALLERY - MEDIA - CONTACT. Canadian British Columbia horses for sale. Slightly used harrows for sale, with ground drive, hooks up to three-point linkage, easy to operate. In search of the right old people's home for older miniature horses. It was at this time that Jacqueline began to explore the world of miniature horses.

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Find out about the latest advertisements for "miniature horses" in British Columbia. We' d graze up to a ten birds in horse, miniature..... I' have a proper sized dock ('500 um) on 10 hectares and 240 sqm shed, where I keep only two miniature geese.

To board a pair of ponies for low-cost ($150/mo) open in case anyone is..... The three miniature ponies are looking for a new home, where they will set off with you, discover new places and..... The cart workout was begun and he can come with his canopy.

She' s really bubbling, she' s very sociable, likes hiking, riding, quad biking etc., my dog is abandoned..... Simple introduction for a miniature animal. Autograph AMHA miniature horses for sale to good houses. Here is a marvellous offer for a doubly enrolled nice and kind mini- loving children!

I' d like to exchange my AMHA miniature horse for something fantastic for my mtby. It must be a good home. These two beautiful and very small miniature ponies are looking for a beautiful amateur farmyard.

Horses, ponies for sale or adoption in British Columbia

Receive a warning with the latest adverts for "mini" in British Columbia. Receive a warning with the latest adverts for "mini" in British Columbia. She is 1 year old and has a 30. "5 "5" large currently has a very playing side to him! Likes to be with humans and to be loving other pets like ewes, oxen and cats?

Wants 4 years old, Pony Stud Dog Very cute and lovingly 46" in size and would be an outstanding pony! Health and well with other ponies $600 Can be a good companion to your horse $600.... Gestüt Cupcake 5 years old, 44" Pony Hengst Zwei blaue Augen! Very cozy and loved humans would love a great horseback ride or pony ride well with other horse sounds and wholesome $650 silvery crickets....

butter scotch 4 years old, 37" small mare Very quiet, relaxed and kindly does not much take car of the women would be excellent for riding or children! Love other beasts and humans..... 5 years old Wilbur, Leberkastanie, 35" small colt Becomes friendlier and starts to like folks, would make a great show mare or showini!

Health and well-being with otherorses! Thisher 1 year old, small chestnut foal Quite timid and loves to keep her away, but is becoming slow, breathtaking movers and well composed Good with all other invertebrates Silvers creek Lachsarm.... 3 years old, 25" big small chestnut foal, sweet and cuddly!

Now this little fellow likes human beings and attentiveness sounds and healty! 3 year old badges, 32 "Mini Stu Superbly adorable, lovely and kind love your love and humans would be a great pets or children pets easily to have in a flock and not much to eat! 3 years old, 32 "Mini Stu Superbly adorable, lovely and kind! Clay and.... 5 year old snap, 36" tiny studio wondersful personal and brains superbly going, kind and taking your step in a group of simple to have sounds and silver Creek, salmon sleeve $ 550 Can be funded.....

Sniker's 3 years old, 35" small stud Sweet, kind and kind to your dog's interest Would be an awesome pets or pets! Health and well-being Easy to have in a flock and loves his mate Silver Creek Lachs.... She is 6 years old, 33" APY MAL! This filly has a great deal of character crammed into a small little baby's skin!

Might be an awesome show pony! 4 year old cash, 35 " small sized apy, a little bit timid, but just needs some work to please Mike and learn quickly Very cute with a naughty side Nice movers and proper $500 Silver creek bracelet bracelets.... Chips 4 years old, 34" Minibre amare Mama Girl Dear friends and the flock Very inquisitive!

Correctly and well constructed sterling steel.... Majory-8 years old, 37" tiny filly Sweet and loves humans, but needs a little bit of heating up. Beautiful movers and proper sounds and good health $500 silvery creek low game! 5 year old Mary has a 36 " size and otherwise healthful and uninfected like any other animal and would be an great eating good pet, and keeps your body weigth without problems or.....

7 year old Sammy, 35" big, small filly loves humans and would really good with a work! May like all pets and humans Very cute and cosy Easily to manage Low in hackorder tone and healthful..... Pigeon 4 years old, 37" small filly Very very cute and calm Breathtaking movers and proper licks to be played with the others and enjoying the attentiveness and healthful ease of handling, could be good for children.....

Coke 11 years old, 38" Pregnant Will filly on the Pregnant colt foals ranch sounds and sane, but with impaired eyesight in your lefthand prevents her from being in any way would be a great pet! She is 8 years old, 36" Pregnant is foaled on the yard.

Love humans and have a face that makes you want to be there!

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