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Shetland Abacus Pony Stud - Bedfordshire Breathtaking Arabian gelding, who is reluctant to be offered for sale.

Alsira Miniature Horse International Club for American Miniature Horses.

Ribbon Bolt

Ribbon Studio is the result of our love for miniature cats. The miniature ponies are unbelievably pretty creatures that are both diverse and hooked. Both of these top importers have the best US blood lines and are also approved by the UK Miniature Society (BMHS). Each miniature animal that has been raised by two BMHS-registered stallion owners can be entered in the pedigree register as well.


ACCF is the Falabella Registry for the Falabella foals bearing her name, this is the cream of the crop of Falabella Registries, my foals are also entered in the Falabella Stud Book in the UK and the Falabella Europ. stud book has recently been DNA-certified in both the UK and EUROPE.

While there are many histories about the origins of this beautiful miniature race, the fact is that they were and still are raised by the family in Argentina and in order to be considered a false and not a miniature animal, they must be able to retrace their pedigrees back to the farmhouse.

Equestrian MHS - Products for horses and riders Onlineshop

Wellcome to MHS Equesestrian. You will find everything you need for equitation here. Irrespective of whether new clothing for you as a horseman or gear for your equine or Shetland pony. You are sure to find what you are looking for in our on-line store. Since years MHS Equidian is the largest onlineshop for miniature pony and Shetland pony in Europe.

Now also with a broad assortment for large dressage stallions. As a supplier, we supply our complete product line throughout Europe and beyond. Our on-line store offers high-quality equine and Shetland pony equipment at competitive rates. Carpets, bridle, saddles, upholstery and care product. We have clothing, wellingtons and many other things that make you and your stallion look great, but above all, that means you can ride well.

Equestrian delivers all well-known labels like Harry's Horse, Kensington, QHP, Première, Horseware, BR and more. We also offer a large selection of carpets, holders, bridle and harness in our top of the line product family. We' re always working on the improvement of the product line of our trademark series. Wherefore Equestrian University?

The first address for high class riding and equine gear is MHS Equalestrian. In our product line you will find a large selection of the best selection of these. The following are some of the key figures for which MHS Equidian is synonymous: If you have any queries about any of the items in our on-line store, or can we help you?

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