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Pony Miniature Equipment

The SuperMask Miniature Horse Fly Mask Shop Jeffers Equine for pony and miniature horse halter, tacking and riding equipment. I've been looking for a landing gear for several months. Driving & Harness Mini/Pony. Bluy-eyed mini pinto show pony.

We' ve got some of the smallest miniature ponies in the world.

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Cart Cart Wagon Gear and Hardware Kit - Wagons & Wheelbarrows

The PS-350 miniature pony stock is made foldable for UPS shipment (bolted to the twin tree). This is only available for the (AS) passenger car steerable carriage, which is equipped with drawbars which are linked to the castors and lead into a central switch joint. PS-350 shank is approx. 71" long, (50" to the twin tree) 22" broad at the twin beam, 17" broad at the ends of the shafts, whereby the carriage adaptor tapers to 2" at the rear end.

The Pony Steer (AS) is for automotive steer and (FW) is for fifth wheel. You can also make a bigger race wave in a set with the tube prepared to be welded and painted. It measures approx. 91 "X24" and also needs the (AS-) car-steer.

Shaft for the fifth wheels (pictured) must be transported by lorry. Included in the miniature crew kit are the twin trees and necks. When you choose the fifth wheels, you also need the Miniature Teamset & FW Adaptor to attach your own latch to bridge the width of the axles.

We also provide a goats only in (AS) car-steerings. The general principle is that the miniature pony stocks can accommodate a pony up to 40", the stock 50" and bigger ponys. The G1200FW Complete Wagon Running Gear Kit has a large 16" x 400-8 pneumatic tire load capacity of 1200 pounds. with fifth-wheel coupling (pictured) or automotive stearing (fixed axis with drawbars to wheels) at no surcharge.

12 " The width of the wheels is 34" to the outside and 26" to the inside using our normal pneumatic tyres for small flaps. Weld-sealed holders for the beams are 16" in width. It does not contain the shown cushions.

Advise the purchase of belt brakes for pony-barrows.

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