Miniature Pony Halters for Sale

Pony Halter Miniature for sale

INTRIPID International NEW foal and miniature horse holders made of solid brass. Discounts and promotion adjustability for the best fit: With the Intrepid International Minihorse holder you get the ideal fitting for your minihorse. It can be adjusted so that it adapts to your horses or adapts as they grow. Supercomfortable for your mini: The lightweight design is designed to last a long time.

Nylons cause less irritations than other fabrics. It' smooth and skin-friendly for a lucky mare and a lucky owners. HOIGH-Quality Construktion: This holster is made of high grade polyamide to give you added strength. Horses can be harsh on things, so this is designed to resist all the abrasion and rip your little fellow puts through the holster.

ANYTHING EXCEPT THE HORSE: Intrepid International has been the world's largest producer and marketer of equine and equestrian equipment for over 45 years. Our aim is to offer top-notch, reasonably priced product with excellent client services. A perfect match for our small filly. We' ve got to keep her in a holster all the while because she's an escapist and difficult to capture.

But if we can grab the holster, she will stop her stupid pranks immediately. At some frightening times she took off our land to see the animals and our neighbours are very appreciative that we keep her in our holsters so that they can capture her.

I' ve got the blue colour, but as you can see, it's now an appealing slimy grey, matching her old holster, which was initially rose. Nice holster. Have the pony one for my little minis (31"), but it was too big, it matched my 38" female. Ordering the little one (mini) for my little guy.

The" Mini" fits my 38" small filly. It' a pretty, thick holster. I' ve had a very hard period looking for a good-looking holster for a miniature animal. It' very dissappointing that there are no more possibilities for a minis. That holster has a good feeling to it (not inexpensive and weak), but I only had a pair of options of colors.....

At last I found a real minihorse holster and it fitted. One of the things I like is the fact that it has a neck strap tie down for ease of dressing and undressing, as well as a smaller than so many holsters that mark it as a minis, and it is for a large filly or a fully-fledged pony.

Great franchise, quick delivery and value for money. Fitting my Shetland pony very well. You can' t wear pony holsters. I am so pleased with this buy and so is my shortstack. It is not a cheesy holster and will not fringe if you do not put it in the tan or keep it on your pony 24-7.

I need a minifly respirator if you have one. I had to fill in an additional pocket, but I have a small one. Immediately after putting it on the saddle, the collar bar snatched and the top of the second bar was broken, while my little girlfriend led the other one.

It is the first poor rating I have ever given for a particular item, but I am deeply sad. I' ve had big ponies all my whole live and I've never had a broken neck in one of those places.

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