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Precisely fitting, high-quality bridles in miniature size without blinkers! Only miniature horse / pony harness. Classic horse miniatures - Fabulous driving horse. Contact Mini-Horse and Pony's car and harness.

Only miniature horse / pony harness. Sale or public group searched for

Wonderful, handcrafted tableware. Lateral tack control. A jewel of a harness indeed. A miniature show harness. The shopping cart is gone, the small one remains forever, but the harness is for sell. Wonderful wiring harness. Here pictured on 33 1/2" miniature, but had room to move up or down. It' better for a pony. If you have a pair of pants, I can install this for you!

Incidentally ISO a harness for my small 30s body. So far the wiring looms I've tried are too big for him, so if measurement is available it would be very helpful. Handcrafted tableware, small A size B. Small size B. Import British leathers, brasses. Lateral tack control. Breaking, Martiningale, etc. truly a jewel of a harness.

Everyone has a used but not misused show harness. Brandnew braun / schwarzes Lederpony / harness from Leder. Bridles and linen included. Crockery in B-size for selling, good state. ROBB Steinke a partagé la contribution des ateliers de Harness Makers. The Harness Makers Workshop has added 2 new photos. We are now accepting orders for harness kits to be available next year.

See my website for more information about my harness. Durable, very beautiful harness with minimum wear and tear, suitable for mini or pony harnesses with a body size of 38 to 44 cm. It' d be a great harness for 4-hour shows, amusements, trails, but it's also tough enough for a verdant old-timer.

This snaffle on the pony images is from a different harness. This harness comes with a snaffle horsehead, which is shown on close-ups. The harness comes with rain and teeth.

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I have to control the inventory and the colors, dimensions and availabilities. There are some items in store, others are pre-orders, before you place your order I need to review the inventory and colors for uptime. Send me an e-mail to countryscene2@hotmail.comPRIOR to place the order on AFTERPAY so that I can review the inventory and I must authorize your AFTERPAY order before it is processed and then, once I have done this, you choose Afterpay and Afterpay will make the definitive authorization.

I am a retailer and affiliate on our saddlers/manufacturers/wholesalers and I have to review my inventory before I can use it. The shipping costs will be invoiced by my supplier. If supplier offers free shipping, we will forward it. Please note: Afterpay requires 48 hrs to make a money withdrawal, so I cannot ship until the payment has been completed, once it has been approved we will handle and provide shipment tracing.

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