Miniature Shetland Harness

Thin Shetland dishes

Thumbnail & Shetland size heritage harness. New Heritage Harness finally raises the standard for leather jinker harness sets. Quick hitch pony trot set. Light and elegant harness with many adjustment options on all straps and a flexible, treeless padding for a good fit in all shapes and sizes.

harness especially made by me for the miniature, Shetland & Welsh Sec. A Pony.

Diddy Shetland's Trap Harness.

Color: Black The picture is from a 28 Shetland with a kit of 3 didydy harnesses. Shipment charges are charged at the cash desk depending on what you have in your basket and the area you choose. Kindly notice that we ship to the EU and certain other European Union states upon your inquiry and make you an offer for the postage and packing.

For more information, please see our full shipping information page.

Ceilco International Pty Ltd | SL Mini Harness

Zilco's SL Series is made from the same high grade fabrics and design as all other Zilco harnesses - stylishly proportional for miniatures, shetlands and small ponies. The SL Harness is suited for Dressage & Show, Scurry Driving, Marathon or Pleasure. The bridle was developed especially for small minds.

It is a security function to protect the pony with thick hairs and small eyes from scraping off the brush. Please consult our local dealer or our local representative for special equipment.

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I' ve bought this miniature for my Shetland bangs to level my training area.

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