Miniature Stallion

Stallion miniature

Grower of quality miniature horses and miniature Australian shepherd dogs. A miniature stallion with mares and foals. Besides the warmbloods we also have a registered AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) miniature horse stallion. Stallions from top breeders for sale in the USA. You know a foal born by a mini stallion of a large mare?

Stallions miniature

Hippopotamus Spin is an AMHA/AMHR/FBR 33" 1993 stallion by AMAZAR. It belonged to the renowned Vincente Fernandez, who gave him a Top 5 at Nationals! He was a Reserve Champion Holder Horse and I took him to a 10/08 show! There is no spin, so unfortunately we don't have any foal by him:( Spin is now bankrupt to ride, and I just hopefully one of these days I can try a combination of riding and a few parade with him.

I' m also planning to couple him with Valen for a Leo rider group! The Chianti is an AMHA/AMHR/FBR 34" 2005 in 2005 white at LĂ©opard Apple. Our Chianti was brought to the top 5 as a weaner without practice! He not only has the exterior and the pedigree to make a great stallion, but also his temperament is very well!

amha/amhr 31" 2005 Grulo stallion. AMHA World Top 10 Champion Junior Hengst 29-31 und Colour en 2007, AMHA Western Regional Top Five Champion Jr Hengst und Colour, 2007 AMHA Top Ten Honor Roll Halfter und Farbe, viele Neuheiten in Classic Pleasure Driving Versitility, und 2012 Reserve Grand Champion Senior Hengst auf der MHAA Touch of Class AMHA Show !

Such an AWESOME stallion is Gambler! She is a 1999 AMHA/AMHR Sterling Silber deerskin (EE AA Zn Crn) stallion apaloosa. In his first year he went to AMHR Nationals and was ranked fourth in Country Pleasure Driver 32-24", fourth in Golden Age Country Pleasure Driver Under and ninth in Stallion's Country Pleasure Under!

He is my drills and he did it the way he's done it all his time! Used it 2010/2011 for mixed rides and it was great! It was used by my girlfriend Laura for a combination of rides and shows before she went to Colorado, and they were a great group!

You were Champion Green Driver and won the title Best Overall Dressage Scores (Averaged) Green Driver in 2012! While Gambler will remain my drilling teamhorse, Craig will now be competing with him in both! It is one of the few certified HOMOZYGOUS CHAMPAGNE miniatures in the game!

On the SSC show he was 1. in Stallion, 1. in Solid Colour, 1. in Novice Driver and placed in the categories Driver Champion and Horse-Driver. He' performed well in combination cycling! Its name is very appropriate and its colour! It was exhibited by a former holder and won several places at Nationals in the riding categories, among others as Reserve National Champion!

This year Dandy and I will ride in his combination.

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