Miniature Stallions at Stud

Stallions in the stud

Registered miniature Falabella AMHR / Fmha stallion. In the following you will find a current list of our stallions, which are available as stallions. The breeding compatibility test (BSE) of stallions is a routine part of breeding practice. The silversmith does NOT tolerate the service of stallions standing at the stud. Spárgo Creek By Design -AMPS stallion -SOLD.

Miniature AMHA stallion breeder - Champion Showhorses

We have taken into account the great importance that a stud can have for the long-term growth of a flock or even the miniature horses when selecting our stallions. It is important for us that the fathers of the flock hand down the most important and intangible qualities, the courageous movements, the proportionate exterior and the elegance and sophistication of the Arabic-style.

Stallions heredity depends on the progeny they have. MONARCH has the prestigious distinction of being one of the ten best (6th) futureurity stallions in the whole wide range of stallions. There are four stallions holding championship medals. If you want to know more about these stallions, just click on the images.

Stallions at the stud

3-Year-Old 39-inch colored stud broken to horseback and will be selling your filly for $100 or.... $500 per filly, the broodmare maintenance service covers only e-mail only, no phone call..... He is a very good stallion by the name of Pinot Noir de Torres, he is very well breeded, produced.....

It' breeding season! Book AT STUD Mare for Autumn and Springs..... broadway's hot shot, 16 hours, darkgold, and talenteed, stud fees $600, livecover. 3 postmark ANCCE certified importer from Olympian stallions.


THE STALLIONS ARE IN THE STUD OF THE LICENSED MARES! He is the perfect mare you've been looking for all these years! He' s from a very consequent line of champion manufacturers and has created some unbelievable show perspectives for DVM Farms. Below are some samples of the qualities of the offspring Bo has bred so far.

SMHC breeded, this extraordinary stud is the perfect miniature equine. Also at her West Middlesex home, Diva Valley Miniature Horse Farm ! is a very attention-grabbing farm, but with the help of Nicole's astonishing dam, Elaine Buchanan, the pampering and grooming of the animals is guaranteed!

Many of the best blood lines that win in the show ring today, including Graham's Ragtime, First Knights Billy Idol, Champion Farms Nighthawk and Buckeye WCF Leeland Royal Grand, are deep roots in blood lines like Little Blue Boy, Boogerman, Rowdy, Sid's Rebel, Little Wardance and Gold Melody Boy.

Many of our stallions have been awarded numerous MHA and AMHR and Hall of Fame title. Now, after more than 35 years of breeding thumbnails, we are very proud of what we produce. We' ve been selling Mini's in many different places and we' ve been enjoying seeing and interacting with all over the world. MITCH is the ideal horse for crossing your top mare with his nice movements, his unbelievable exterior and his marvellous posture.

Easily presented, Mitch has won several STAKES championships and won numerous open, amateur and youth championships. UNBEATED IN 2017 AS PASSENGER! In 2017 Perry was unbeaten as our pleasurable riding horses. It has also proven itself in the two AMHR & ASPC show series. Breeded by 5x Congress/AMHR Grand Champion and HOF Hengst RFP Timed To Perfection.

ARMHR National Champion Pleasure Driver Pleasure Driver 36 " - 38" ARMHR National Champion Pleasure Driver 36" - 38" Looking for a horse with TOP bloodline, exceptional appearance and overpowering temper? He is AMHA World Champion. 50 " sweets today offer the HOTTEST miniature horse blood lines in the show ring!

"TANGO " progeny win on the two AMHA and AMHR racetracks. The nickname "Sweets" is a cute, friendly stud with a soft appearance. The Flynn offer the BEST miniature horse blood lines on both sides of his bloodline. He is the unparalleled BILLY Idole - manufacturer of many World Champions, World GRAND CHAMPIONS and National Champions.

He is awarded the AMHA GET-of-SIRE World Championship trophy. Borne In A Barn Minatures is devoted to improving the miniature equine race by using only those thumbnails that have outstanding characteristics in terms of build, character, lineage, colour and physical abilities. The PREMIER is AT STUD for the demanding grower.

  • the title of senior stallion. With only 30 " Amir gives the look of a much bigger horser. - to see in such a small miniature animal. Following the blood lines, you will discover many beautiful thumbnails in Amir's family tree.

He is by multy world GRAND CHAMPION stud, OAK BAY MI AMIGO. Mi-amigo is himself a World GRAND CHAMPION boy of Oak Bay Salsamio. 2016 Eastern Regional Champion Singlesple Pleasure Driver, ~ winning in AOTE, Am Level 1, and Open Singlesplepleasure Driver 30-32" Jake is an excellent Pallomino Pintos moving horse, very natural with his lovely motion, headheaded bodystyle and handsome skull!

"Jake " is by Abrias Daring Endavor, a 4x World Champion and the 2013 World Res Grand Champion Country Pleasure Driver Horses! Jake's grandfather is Martin's Boozers Daring Difference, the World Grand Champion Roadster and an astonishing sporty stud with great temper. He' est 4x 2014 Champion National et STAKES Champion & 2015 Grand Champion du Monde !

"Sun " is a beautiful TRIPLE-registered and highly grafted stud with many World/National titles, among them SMO Bolero de Suerte and THRs A Promise Kept (World Champion/Res. World Champion Produce of Dam). Unfortunately, Sun was never introduced as a youngster due to an accident, but he has more than proved himself as a father.

In the near futures we are hoping that there will be more sunlings! It is our aim to breed high-quality miniature and Shetland pony which are not only beautiful to look at but also distinguish themselves as top-performers. Although we do not have a large flock of miniature and Shetlands, we are proud of our qualities and are very select among the animals we keep in our breedings.

Amha/ Amhr Registered 31. 75" WORLD CHAMPION PRODUCER! Born by Alvadars Doubles Destiny and out of Cadle Creek's Miss Priss, a multi-national champion and reserve producer Pinto horse, Ten Ls Destiny In The Buff is an exceptional sire. In 2010 Buff was AMHA Honor Roll Sr. 30-32 Sr. Stelion, Unanimous Regional Grand Champion Steallion & many Supreme Halfter Achievements.

He had 5 Reserve National Champion progeny at the 2012 World Show and some Top Five progeny. Now he is the father of WORLD CHAMPIONS and World Res GRAND CHAMPIONS! a 5 in. stud, AMHA, AMHR and ASPC. This year we began to show him and he won all year round champ and reserves!

He can also move properly, great ankle joint acting. We' ve raised him both miniature and small Shetland mare and are eagerly waiting for his fillies! In 2005 he won the 4th place at age 32-34 at Age Nationals in a very aggressive group! At the trade fairs, there was a great deal of interest in Legsy, both at AMHR and AMHA.

We' re very happy about this stud! Not only stallions are offered at Ten~L Training Center, but also horse and foal grooming. We use large foal stables with camera and breeders' warning system. ANY point in an AMA show is MONEY in the owner's pockets! Hundred a head per stud.

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