Miniature Tack


Skyscraper de Rocky Pines Miniature Horse Tack Shop's Top-Konkurrenten sind Lee Smith Architects, Dealer Direct Services und Gak Property Management. It sounds like the perfect solution for a tight budget at first glance. Triple E Manufacturing miniature horse nails are manufactured and personalised to your specifications. That feeling may have been true in the past, but things have changed in the equestrian world.

Do you need to make your own miniature tack?

Home-made turnaround can be of bad qualitiy. It' just might be dull to be missed in today' s show ring. In other words, how do you know if you should make your own tack instead of buying it from an incumbentackmaker? In order to make your decision easier, I have created the following "questionnaire".

Answering most of your question with "Yes", you should make your own turn. When most of your responses are "no," you'd better buy your turn.

Mini Enlarged Model Horse and Tack

Designed by Susan Bensema Young, this east-west styled calf with hand-embroidered rider cover is an exact miniature edition in the 1:9 (1.2") size. Mint O'odham saddlecloth took nine month to finish in cross-stitch. Instead of the usual two crossed threads of dental felt for each of the two squares, Susan decided to consider half a squares as a squares, i.e. two openings were filled with a single passage of dental felt, which made it easy to finish the pieces and give them a distinctive textur.

Because of the light blue colour of the ceiling, this ceiling was called "Mint". Designed by Chris Armstrong O'odham, the ceiling motif is inspired by the Indian strain in southwestern America. Since 1979 Susan Bensema Young has been a stapler for show horses and the writer of Guide to Making Modelling Horse Tack (1998).

It is best known for its westerly turn. It is an associate member of the NAMHSA (North America Modell Horses Association). NAMHSA's task as an integrative organisation is to foster the show horses amateur. Its goal is to encourage all aspects of modelling hobbies and to encourage the further growth of modelling demonstrations, adaptations and collections.

He worked for the Breyer Modell Horses Company until 1994 when he founded his own company, the Peter Stone Company. You can find this show jumping and the turn in our Explorer the World Gallery.

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