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Growing-kits & tack boxes - Halters & Leadropes. Welcome to Herron's Tack. You will be thrilled by the miniature details in these saddles!

The Desert Night Creations Live Show Quality and Museum Quality Miniature Tack Offers quality, handmade, blind tacks for your favorite horse lover, mostly for miniature horses, but also ready to take orders for horses in full size.

Necklaces, fences and harness are handmade from the best material, chosen according to grade, thickness and standards.

Necklaces, fences and harness are handmade from the best material, chosen according to grade, thickness and standards. The tacks are made for Breyer, Peter Stone and similar models in different size. Every new tack for sale will be published in my newsletters mail. Every unsealed tack after release is displayed on the Horse $ales pages.

Miniatur-Tack and trolley

The car is only one year old and has been easily used between 10-20 time. On the website says the trolley is especially constructed so the load is on the axis, not on the horses and has a hard wood sinletree and high performance air-tyres. It has a shiny dark surface and a copper-coloured driver's wheel.

It' for 30 "-36" mini and comes with some extra features that had to be bought seperately, among them a couple of sled skaters that were never opened and sold for $150. Contains also the frictional braking with pedals, additionally $75. I' m just selling so I can buy a hyper bike, because I want to ride more trails than I want to ride in arenas.

$645 will resell this shopping trolley, which means that the new trolley's overall cost is $870. I' m looking to be selling it for $790 plus shipping. No. I' d be willing to buy the sled runs seperately, but the frictional brakes fit the car.

Horse Artisan Model Guide - Tack Makers

MiniatureCreating top LSQ tack since 1978 - specialized in'English' tack, all kinds of seat and harnesses. At HAR RanchWe are specialized in all kinds of polyester riding riders (work, all around, riding, raping, silver and parades saddles), halter, bridle, pillow). In principle we work with Tradtional Tack.

Production of genuine replicas for your showpieces. Westerns, Indians costumes, drafts, cavalry, saddlebags and much more. Eye-catching stable halter and accessories of the SSS. Catherine BoneI creates miniature copies of genuine equestrian holders and requisites. My specialty is nylons, with halter and bridle with westerly or british taste, and leathers like westerly bridle and headstall and various straps!

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