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Horse Miniature Therapy

Find out more about our therapy program, certification and training of miniature horses. They are not only enchanting, but can also offer therapeutic advantages. It is our mission to help children with special needs and seniors to improve their physical and emotional well-being through interaction with miniature horses. Horse Miniature Therapy Organization in Greater Kansas City. The Hospice of Southwest Ohio is pleased to offer therapy visits from Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Horses.

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The majority of humans are acquainted with working with dogs for therapy, but recently miniature horses have also been educated for this use. The research shows that these small horses can be very efficient in therapy to help hospitals patient, older persons, disabled persons and persons who recover from illness or injury.

As the name suggests, miniature horses are very small horses that were initially raised in Europe in the seventeenth cent. To be classified as a miniature, an object must not be larger than 34in. Weighing between 150 and 250 lbs, they are typical in comparison to the standard equine weighing between 800 and 2000 lbs.

Aside from their height, they have many of the qualities of other horses. Whilst they can be rode by small kids, these cats are usually used for accompanying rather than horse-raiding. The miniature horses are loving, extremely clever and simple to exercise. It is also simpler and less expensive to care for miniature horses.

You need less room and feed far less than a regular steed. Today, miniature horses are used in a wide range of different surroundings. Gentle Carousel is one of the biggest suppliers of miniature therapy horses, whose horses have benefited more than 45,000 patients in clinics, homes and homes. We were open-minded about Gentle Carousel when we founded the Rocking C Ranch.

Even miniature horses can be a precious help for the blindfolded. To this end, the Horse Foundation specialises in the education of miniature horses. They are small enough to be kept inside the house with humans, but also useful for leading partially sighted persons in the open air. Thin-bodied horses, such as lead hounds for the blind, help to give greater freedom of movement to those who are not.

That makes it possible that miniature horses are long-term pets for the blindfold. They are also a good choice for those who are sensitive to allergies to dogs or just like horses. The miniature horses have a soothing effect on humans of all age. It was proved when Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport started using miniature horses to relieve the stress on the safety routes.

We have a number of horses at the Rockin C Ranch that have been trained for animal-based therapy together with herders. The majority of our equine and dealer duo are Pet Partners registered, a non-profit association for the registration of traders of a range of animal types used in therapy.

When horses and dog owners have received Pet Partners education and certifications, we ship them to clinics and care centers throughout Texas to smile for the patient and occupants of these institutions. It' s astonishing how interaction with a miniature animal can give so much happiness and expectation to any age.

As well as our visit programme, we also run a programme to take handicapped kids to the farm for therapy sessions. As soon as this programme has started, kids from different villages can come to the farm, interactively with horses and even with the help of some volunteer riders.

It is the intention to provide a place where they can regularly intercommunicate with the horses while offering their caregivers a place of fellowship. Working with a number of voluntary workers, we have recently begun working with a number of companies looking for long-term volunteering opportunities for their people.

If you are interested in accompanying an animal on therapy trips, we request that your pet partner certifies it and works closely with some of our horses to teach them their different temperament before actually going to therapy with them. Obviously, some folks like to work behind the curtains, and there is no certificate for all the work that needs to be done at the run.

We are happy to take along our volunteer horses who are ready to clear stables, give out grass and food and take care of our lovely little horses. Humans are just beginning to appreciate the value of miniature horses as therapy cattle. Whilst miniature horses probably never substitute hounds in the popularity, they are a viable alternative in many situations. However, they can be used in many different ways.

It is very likely that we will hear more and more about miniature horses that offer comforts and company to the most needy.

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