Miniature Therapy Horses for Sale

Horse miniature therapy for sale

Love to share our gift with others and can help you start your own therapy program with one of our therapeutically trained miniature horses for sale. Therapy compatibility and quality perspectives. Physiotherapy-trained miniature horses for sale. Have a look at all currently available beautiful horses. There are many types of miniature horses, including the following:

Horse Miniature Therapy

The ancestors of these horses go back to the Falabella Ranch in Argentina. Also American miniatures are bred. Miniature horses ("Minis") are treated daily to guarantee a soft and affectionate posture. Our main emphasis is on the education and preparation of our horses for activities and therapy work, e.g. visits to care centres, shelters for the handicapped, clinics, schools, etc.

We Gary and Carol Swinford started building our farm on a former cereal field in 1990. All we wanted were a few horses....we now have MANY Mini's plus 4 big horses! When we bought more horses, Gary had to make more barn and this color never seemed to be the same as the previous ones.

Our first Falabella stud was purchased at a miniature horses auctions in 1997. Inspired by miniature horses, we began to breed and raise selected Falabella and miniature horses.

Horse Therapy

Each year, our miniature horse crews attend over 50,000 needy kids and grown-ups in the United States - from the San Bernardino disaster victims to the kids who live in the Ronald McDonald Houses while they receive critically cared-for heroes. Each week the horses are visiting the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Hospital and have made their last wishes come true.

They are all Civilian Volunteer horses of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Civilian Volunteer Program. You are on duty around the clock as members of the Mayor of Los Angeles' Rapid Response Team and may be consulted as first-aiders.

Allows you to take a close look at our wonderful universe and invites you to live the holy moments when a baby sees one of our miniature therapy horses for the first time. For further video and article about us, please go to our press section and our Rose Parade page.

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