Mint Horse Halter

The Mint Horse Holder

Nowhere else will you find a high-quality yacht rope halter in this colour! Damascus Nylon Non-Adjustable Horse Holder-Mint/Grey. Comes with Deluxe switch holder from Perri's Leather Out of stock SALE. Original Weaver Adjustable holder with push button. Scarf Argyle Orange and Mint.

Rope Holder/Side Pull - Black with Lavender Mint

Side-pull - Black with lavender mint, if you are not 100% happy, our outstanding support team is there to help you. The Kensington Rope Holder/Side Pull makes it easy to put your rein on and gives you the right mix of strength, power and controll. This 13er has a heavy, double-filled 3/8 nickel-plated string, a plaited noseband, double-sided knots and 2 copper ring for fastening the rein.

Please note: Retractors are NOT contained.

Mounting of a halter

Do not spoil the look of your style with an ill-fitting holder! And how should the holster match? A halter should adapt to the shape of the model's snout.... and should lie closely behind the mandible and under the throat. a) The nose band should lie approximately half way between the eye and the snout. 1 ) too long control the nose band too low on the horse's skull; 2) the nose band is too small in diameter...keeping it too low on the horse's skull. b) The cheeks should be aligned with the horse's cheekbones.

Frequent mistake: Throat too that it is not possible to place the cheeks in the right "parallel" posture. c) The crowns should sit "close" behind the horse's ears...but not so tight as to clamp them! d) The connecting straps between the throat and the jaw should lie "close" to the underside of the model's throat.

Cuffs over the nostrils cause the halter to "emerge" over the bridge of the nose....which impairs a sleek look. When insisting on using a necklace in a "control mode"..... it would be better to let the necklace run under the jaw and on the right side of the holster.

In our modern toy breed of "miniature horses", where "control" is not an option, it would be better to just "loop" the part of the necklace through the central slit on the halter's Chinstrap and fasten the button on the ring, where the necklace is connected to the hide!

Just remember....just because the "proportions" of the holster are right for your model...the styling may not be the most complimentary to the top of your bra. Width of the strap.... and the position and height of the stiffener give each halter a distinctive look. NOTICE: The trendy thing about the "Model"-exhibition is NOT to show your "Halters"-horses with a halter!

Halter are reserved for carnival, halter obstacles, etc.

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