Mobile Stables

Portable stables

We offer There is a wide selection of our products from 8'x10 to 12'x36 in our warehouse. In order to make your buildings mobile, we are offering you 3 variants of runners. Pressurized wooden runners are the cheapest and most economical for less frequent use. The by far most favoured are our unmatched 80×40 galvanized sheet metal runners for even dragging and a low sill your horses can walk over - we deliver them to over three fourths of our accommodations.

For those who want to retrofit, we also provide 100×100 galvanized blades. The mobile bunker ranges from 8'x10 to 12'x36?, equipped with either a 6' or dual 6? opening, which can be equipped with sliding tracks or galvanized stainless steal doors. Each mobile hut is equipped with 11mm OSB footboards up to a maximum of 4 ?

Our mobile standardfield shelter has a padded front projection, the 10' low version has an 800mm projection, the 12' version has an 1100mm projection. Ondulin roofs can be ordered in either grey, blue, green, reddish or dark grey and are always coated with oxygen to avoid sag and to resist heavy wind-load. However, top of the line are cedar clapboards, which are the jealousy of all who see them, and with a lifespan of over 30 years are very sane.

Galvanized case section and P6 fibre concrete are available on demand. It is always advisable to install the gutter at the front of your mobile cottage, where the humidity collects in the door. The back is more a question of preferences. 17mm matting reduces or eliminates the need for litter in the animal home and has a beneficial effect on the foot condition of the horses.

There are also big benefits of rubber or synthetic matting in the entry area of your animal home, as it helps to tie the floor and distribute the horse's load. All our wooden structures are manufactured on site at our Warwickshire plant. A large warehouse of regular sizes and entire stables allows us to reduce our lead time to a bare minimum. 2.

Our complete mobile bunker installations services are available to clients throughout the UK. After building stables throughout the UK, we are always pleased to give you an example of our work so that you can fully appreciate the value of our work. That gives us the freedom to plan and construct stables completely to order - in many cases much quicker than our competition.

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