Modular Horse Barns

Built-In Stables

This flat, modular stable is the most economical choice for horse owners who want a central aisle stable. Prefabricated stables | Modular stables Wouldn't you be suprised to know you could have the shed of your dreams for less than $40,000? Which are modular barns? Prefabricated stall segments that have been designed according to YOUR requirements are used as modules to build the stall you have alwaysamt of. The modular stables are less expensive than conventional stables and only take a few working hours to set up.

Once our modular stables are in place, many choose the ideal moment to include your own horse stables or even our own outside and equestrian halls for an even bigger event! Saving money on modular horse stables lies in the work..... With modular barns, 90% of the building work is done before they even get to your site.

Stable traversesThe real installation of our prefabricated stables on site is impressing and effective. As a rule, 2-4 joiners arrive on site one to two days after delivery of the prefabricated parts. In less than a weeks, with a fork lift or hoist, they attach the traverses, shingles the top and finish the work.

Horizon's modular stables are available with different types of roofs. The stables are fully equiped with everything you need for a safe and comfortable life for your horse. All of the enhancements or optional extras we provide will easily improve the appearance and comfort of our fully functional, ready-to-use barns. This option also allows our stables and shed to work in complete harmonious symbiosis with your own arena or even your own outside arena.

NOTICE: Düratemp Sided Barns - All Holland door are now available in a colour of your choosing to suit your barns or in a contrast colour. The modular central corridor stables have a number of clear benefits compared to a similar "stick construction" on the construction site. Since all our stables are handmade in our workshops, we can guarantee our clients constant qualities and processing on every individual stable we have.

Longer periods of poor rain can slow down the building of barns by a few working hours. 2-4 amic joiner's crews can finish the top, the overhangs or other fine work in less than a sweek. Like our horse stables, our double-width car parks are also available with a pinewood and laths!

The majority of our products are supplied fully installed and operational.

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