Modular Horse Stalls

Equestrian modular stalls

CMI horse stalls, both modular and retrofitted stall kits, horse and stable equipment directly ex works. If you are looking for great stables, RAMM's Essex standard horse stalls are an excellent solution for many stables due to their modular construction. Horsebox construction instruction They are prefabricated in modular elements that can be erected without supporting poles. The modular stall systems are supplied with the necessary supports to design your stands in a wide range of different configuration according to your specific needs. You can move, add to or remove the front panels and panels as your current location changes.

Freestanding speakers are easy to construct with our modular speaker panel, as the sides and front sides are interlocked without the need to place pillars! The varnished and galvanised modular boxes already have two swing-out parts, one on the slide doors and one on the front of the stable for feeding.

The stands can be erected in 1/4 of the stand life! You can use the available stable wall as stable wall in many cases and fix our modular stables directly to the stable wall with our handle. Some of the stable partitions are not suited for use as stable partitions.

If this is the case, you must arrange your stands as shown here.................... The modular stands can be placed against timber, metal and cement. Grooves and tongues interlock with each plank to avoid the risk of gearing when the air moisture in the stable changes. Is it possible to build stands longer than 12 feet?

Yes, we can make the stable partitions exactly according to your wishes. Is it possible to blend lacquered module front panels with lattice side panels? Yes, our stable parts can be replaced to maintain the appearance and rigidity you need. Is there a distance between the holders for the stable side and a wooden one?

Normally you can mount the 12" from above and 12" from below. Shall I attach the framework bottom to the concrete bottom in my shed? This is not necessary in most cases, as the holders hold the stable sides in place. What can I do to make foal stables that are easy to remove?

The modular system allows you to simply attach and detach the barn wall as required. All of our hot-dip galvanised parts are an excellent blend of stability and anti-corrosive properties. Have your cages been sealed? There are no welding seams in our modular galvanised system that give the grate a place to work. Is it possible to place the slide to the right of the front of the stable or do I have to order this custom-made product?

You can open the slide doors from the right or lefthand side. Is it possible to order my stable front with the slide doors in the centre? Do your galvanised stables work with the new pressure-treated timber? Are they going to corrode when they come into direct exposure to the new chemicals in the timber?

What is the time required to set up a modular horsebox? Assume the timber is already in the partitions. The front of the stable can be mounted in about one hours and 15 min. to fix a stable front panel. Please click on the e-mail address on the right and we can help other stand constructors by posting it here.

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