Mountain Horse Brand


Mountaineer® One of the leading equestrian clothing and shoe brands, Mountain Horse® has been equipping equestrian athletes since 1988. Mountain Horse provides distinctive style, cutting-edge garments, year-round cycling boot and additional accessory for drivers of all discipline for forested paths or the show ring. This brand is known for low-temperature equestrian equipment, but also for excellence and imagination in the design that carries the driver through all four seas and for every event.

As a Mountain Horse business started as a one-man-enterprise. The brand was created by Lars Sjöswärd, influenced by his subsidiary Catherina, to create high class, classy and comfy riding apparel. Mountain Horse has grown since its founding into a fully-fledged business capable of meeting the needs of retail traders in more than 30 different markets.

Operating in the same town, Vallda, Sweden, where it was established, Mountain Horse continues to focus on the combination of clothing with functionality, convenience, practicality, styling, convenience and longevity. Sjöswärd' s son Bertil will continue in the position of Chief Executive Officer and his subsidiary Catherina as Strategic Brand Managers.

Sjöswärd' s youngest child Rolf entered the business and supervised the entire shoe and shoe design process. At Mountain Horse, much of our research, experimentation and design effort is devoted to our customers' needs, and our equipment and supplies are subject to laboratory test, laboratory and on-site trials, as well as staff and client reviews. Design is launched at any period of the year and innovations remain a brand hallmark.

The Original Mountain Horse is one of the brand's best-selling and most popular outfits. Over 20,000 drivers have chosen this cardigan as their preferred outer garment for winters. Provides good isolation from freezing temperatures, impermeable to water, concealed air vents, several side welt pouches and a removable hooded head. Buy the collection today for this and other great Mountain Horse styles that get the most out of your saddling work.

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