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Over the Eisenpferd

In the 1880s, Jim worked as a braking man on the W W railway that had been running the vapour engine between Durango and Silverton since the 1880s. Thom was a young bike lover who was raised by the roads to Silverton. Took Tom out to challenge Jim to a Silverton game. Tom clambered onto his reliable 10-gear frame and went up the edge of the old vulcano and into the crater down to the Silverton mine city.

Mountaineering activities

It has evolved from a small trailer show with a cropped cows to a two weekend (seven days) show with hundred of exhibiters and thousand of viewers from all over the United States. Brush es of sage and mountain pinewood give the plant its freshness. The Mountain trail Adventure is built by tens of employees and almost fifteen large bikes.

Completed with trenches, pools, rocks, tree trunks, viaducts, cascades, streams, groves, mountain paths with curves and even a 60-foot wall painting of the Three Sisters Mountains in the back, the stadium gets a whole new feel. More than 200 tonnes of cliffs and 80 cargoes of mud are lifted to turn the shallow stadium into a mountain trail fantasy.

Every year new obstructions are added, mist in the trenches, shallow tree trunks, slopes in the lakes; if you find it on a mountain trip, you'll find it here. National Mountain Trail Championship has become the first and most demanding mountain trails competition presenting the stunning Mountain Trail Horse and Mule.

Dock' s Joe Banjo is a global renowned artist for his beautiful and graceful design.

Dock' s Joe Banjo is a global renowned artist for his beautiful and graceful design. He is a 15th 2-handed stallion and is very soft and smart. The Banjo is a deep black candy with a strong four-stroke aisle. Dock' Joe Banjo is a very remarkable offspring of Dock who has an interesting history.

Our 15-year-old boy was absolutely thrilled when Banjo was borne in 1998 as Jason Stefanic. Since the age of 8, Jason has been on Mountain Horseback and really waited for this particular horse to come with him. Sue and I agreed that after we saw Jason Banjo claiming to be his own little girl, this particular black box, black maned and tailed horse needed a very particular name.

A journey back from Kentucky to our home state Pennsylvania made the big change. Sue said, how about JOHN BANJO? Sue said, how about JOE? A lot of guys asked us how we came up with the name Joe Banjo because they thought it was so special. The name Joe BanjoĆ¢??s proved to be not only singular, but also Banjo.

When Jason was three years old, he dropped Banjo and ruled that this was the year he would show him all alone. This year Jason had turned 18 and could show the stallion Joe Banjo in the big show at Kentucky Horse Park. The year 2001 was a successful one for Jason and Banjo, as they won the prestigious Sam Tuttle Award together.

and the youngest horse there ever was. Jason and Banjo made it again in 2002, they won the Sam Tuttle Award in supine position and he also became the UMH/KMSHA World Classic Grand Champion. A lot of people know and like this wonderful and extraordinary stallion and his attractiveness is unmatched.

In the last few years Joe Banjo has had a pretty big show and modelling carreer. He and Madison Colette (a Lexington KY replica in the picture above) have published together in many horse journals and diaries in recent years. Over the years Banjo has won many exhibition awards for his models and his performances under the saddle.

After winning the prestigious RMHA Sam Tuttle Award twice a year, he is also a two-time KMSHA International and World Grand Champion and two-time KMSHA Hi-Point Champion as well as RMHA and KMSHA Futurity 5 and more Grand Champions. Today he is one of the best Mountain Horse breed producer, similar to his famous dad Dock.

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