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Horse riding in the mountains

Have you ever dreamed of riding your own horse on a racetrack? It was originally developed as a versatile riding, driving and light train horse, but today it is mainly used for walking rides and working cattle. One week horse camp at Springmaid Mountain is a week full of riding and fun!

Mountaineering Könige

Starting in Mount State Park, this 20 mile walk is easily to medium difficulty and takes you to Mount National Military Park, the site of a famed revolutionary war. Wonderful horseback rides through gentle hilly and granitic cliffs not far from Charlotte, NC Both park are located in the east of the Blue Ride Mountains, but seem a bit inappropriate with the other gentle area.

Little hills known as the ''Manodnocks'' rise above the plains and provide stunning panoramic view. There' s also a recently constructed 17-mile CCC common track in Kings Mountain State park. Horse must be shoed. To reserve a riding arena, please call the arena directly at 803-222-3209. Take junction 82 on I-77 just off Rock Hill:

Take SC 161 westwards to York and turn right (north) onto US 321/SC 161. Remain on SC 161 when it splits off to the leftside and go to the York County intersection S-46705 (Park Road). Entering the grounds, go to Apple Road and turn to your right. Wegkopf and the carport are about 0.8 miles on the leftside.

Head north-east on the I-85 to junction 8 in North Carolina and turn right onto SC 161 back to South Carolina. You will find the entry to the gardens about five kilometres to the right. Entering the grounds, go to Apple Road and turn to your right. Trailhead and carport are about 0.8 km on the leftside.

Summer Riding Camp | Anne Springs Close Greenway

In June, one-week daily horseback rides are held on the Greenway, offering a wide range of horseback rides for different ability levels . Camper will work on horse backs, trails and equestrian craftwork. Camperers will also use their recently gained abilities on Fridays for families and buddies.

Camp takes place Monday-Wednesday from 8:00 - 13:00, Thursday from 8:00 - 16:00 and Friday from 8:00 - 12:00, for children from 8-14 years. In July, week-long residential camp in spruce pine, NC, takes place at Springmaid Mountain. Camper will immerse themselves in a full weeks activity devoted to the development of better equitation skills and the improvement of their general knowledge of the art of equitation.

Springmaid Mountain horse camps are a whole weekend of horseback rides and lots of time! If you would like to book your baby for a horse ride on Greenway or Springmaid Mountain, click here or call 803.548.7252.

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