Mountain Horse Footwear

Hoof shoes for mountain hoppers

Thank you very much for contacting us! Please send us an e-mail with the following contact information if you have any question or comment. You must return the article to the point of origin to receive a full refund, voucher, or replacement. The article must be sent back in good working order and in good working order. Genuine receipt/proof of purchasing is required for all returns/credit notes/currency conversion.

Sold or obsolete products may not qualify for return, conversion, or award.

Gift Mountain Horse items must also be returned/exchanged at the point of origin and must contain the Certificate of Origin to obtain a return, voucher or replacement. BERGPFERDE-GARANTEE: The Mountain Horse shoe fashion and clothing is fully guaranteed for one year from date of sale when bought through an authorized Mountain Horse retailer*.

The guarantee does not extend to damages resulting from incorrect use or misuse, maintenance, accidents as well as ordinary abrasion over the course of years. Items must be sent back to the point of origin of the sale for a full refund, voucher, or replacement. For all complaints, the customer requires the customer's receipts / sales slip. Mountain Horse purchases by individual customers are not subject to the Mountain Horse Guarantee.

Mountain Horse warranty is for one year from the date of original shipment if the product is sold through an authorized Mountain Horse retailer.

Bergpferd ladies Venezia field boot

Venezia Field Boots are elegantly designed boots with classical characteristics in smooth full grained cowhide. Since 1988 Mountain Horse is a Sweden based horse show equipment company that produces high class show and show equipment. Their sponsorship of numerous rider crews focuses on achievement, style and functionality.

She is passionate about her horse sport and her dedication to her product is second to none. Mountain Horse designs each and every line that contains a series of innovative elements in the shape of built-in security devices, intelligent designs and new fabrics for apparel, garments, footwear and apparel items.

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