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The forest therapy or Shinrin-Yoku is a guided walk through the woods that gives a feeling of deep well-being when you are immersed in nature outdoors. Washington & Jefferson National Forest Areas The Customer Service Desk is open Tuesday-Thursday, 8.00 am to 4.30 pm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and all public holiday periods. ATTENTION: The Forest Supervisor's Bureau is an administration bureau based in Roanoke, Virginia.

It is NOT in the forest. Approval info: Coggins test requirements for equines in Virginia State.

At the western edge of the city, US 11 turns off and Main Street becomes US 21 southbound. Continue US 21 southwards for about 14.5 mile to Forest Service Road 14, about 3 miles southwards of Speedwell. Take a turn on your right onto exit 14 and continue for about 2 nautical miles eastwards to the campsite on your right.

This spatial information and related charts or graphs are not juridical documentation and should not be used as such. You may not use the information and cards to identify any property, proprietary rights, juridical description or limitations, court order or restriction that may exist on your own property, whether publicly or privately.

Nature risks can be represented on the dates and charts, and terrestrial occupants should proceed with due care. Dates are dynamical and may vary over the years. It is the responsibility of the Member to check the restrictions of the geodata and to use the geodata accordingly.

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Shinrin-Yoku is a forest therapeutic walking tour that provides a feeling of profound well-being when surrounded by natural surroundings. Walking through the forest involves a set of led visits aimed at exploring the forest. Exactly, the times in Mother Earth make you happy, healthy and clever!

No matter whether you spend the whole of your holiday in the countryside or are unwilling to hike alone in the wilderness, during a Shinrin Yoku forest stroll you will be skilfully led into a soft, pleasurable, full sense of our own planet. Let your minds relax as you immerse yourself in invites that appeal to your senses...and absorb the pictures, noises, flavours, breaths, touches and words of the forest.

Walking is completed with a tee celebration with the use of forest vegetation.

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