Mountain Horse Forest Highlander Reviews

Horse Mountain Forest Highlander Reviews

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The Pankisi Valley in Georgia - Pankisi Gorge Review, Akhmeta, Georgia

Pankisi Gorge in Georgia is located in the centre of the High Caucasus and is one of the northernmost areas of Georgia. The Pankisi is an excellent place for those who love hiking, mountaineering and hiking. There are many footpaths and riding paths through this area.

On some of the trails off-road vehicles can be used, and through the windows mountain fluvial basins and cascades can be seen. There was a wealthy dukedom in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries known as Torgwa Pankeli, renamed after a Jurgian nobleman. The Georgians used to build many church buildings within these fortresses, the remains of which are still to be seen in every part of Pankisi.

It is a country of Sufi brothers, males and females, a territory populated by Muslims and Christians who often cultivate the tradition of both faiths. In the east part of the ravine is the Tusheti National Park. This nature reserve encompasses the Alps with their pine woods, crystal-clear mountain ponds and mountain meadows.

The mountain woods are home to a kaspian catfish, a crayfish, oxen, cowboys, and mountain chamoises. While the Alazani river's currents are fast, the water is not shallow and has many small coves, thanks to which it is ideal for mountain kayaking and canyoning. Brooks of the rivers Alazani turn into falls at the base of the Great Caucasus.

Excitement enthousiasts leap from above into the stream at places where naturally deep pools have developed. These boxes will give information to the fishers in which the brown trout feed. Little mountain ponies almost easily ride the Hochkaukasus trails with tourist and baggage on their backs.

In the highlands, walkers enjoy showing the processes of making about a dozen types of cheeses, melted cheese, milk or whipped cream. Here you can see the different types of cheeses. The fall around the mountain Bacar Reserve is the harvest time of the chestnuts. Wearing crate costumes, they play one of the most beloved dance in the Caucasus, one of the most beloved dance groups in the world, performing with the locals.

Both Georgian and Chechen lieder are sung and played, giving their performances a singular character. Members of the group sometimes join tourist on their mountain tours, their song on the neighboring peaks. Visitors to The Keeps like to show their own memorials, temples and home sanctuaries to The Keeps which cannot be found in any travel guide.

It is one of the biggest Pankisi attraction, often in comparison to the renowned Whirling Dervishes in Turkey. The boxes in the do-it-yourself shops make felt, a heavy-duty material, from sheep's fleece. One of the most interesting aspects of box making is the tradition of felt making.

Chechen (?i?ik ga?nysz) and Georgian (chinkali, chaczapuri) meals are part of the local tradition. Sheepmeat, kid, veal and poultry pies (usually cooked in the open during mountain hikes) are characteristic of Kist cooking. Boxes produce many kinds of milk product, such as: different kinds of cheeses, butters, creams and yoghurts.

Boxes are very welcoming and kind persons who are very kind to foreigners. So different from West Europeans, their lifestyles are not yet commercial, which leads tourist to associate their Pankisi holidays with excursions to the most remote places in the world. Celebrating together, as the following proverb says, is an integral part of Kist hospitality:

Die Krists feel honored to have visitors and are happy to welcome them at the tables. The locals often organize local festivals with Korean and Georgian musical performances and dancing shows. Boxes usually provide their visitors with an entire floor of their home, with a seperate door.

Wide patios are usually roofed with vines from which heavier, violet and deep bluish Kist wines are made. Right on the front door, the restaurant pampers its visitors with delicious regional cuisine. Upon request of the guest, the host offers transportation by road from the Tbilisi airports or from the Tbilisi coach terminal to Pankisi.

Pankisi Gorge can also be accessed from the Ortaczala Tbilisi coach terminal by the so-called MARZSRUTKA (a small coach that travels regularly; journey time: 3.5 hours).

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