Mountain Horse high Rider 2 Boots

High Rider Mountain Horse 2 Boots

Sizes 7 14 1/4" calf 17 3/4" tall size 8 14 1/2" calf 18" tall size 9 15" calf 18" tall 7" narrow (2); 6 regular (2); 7 calf width: The more elegant last and more elegant features of the Ice Collection offer the same dry/warm protection as the original Rimfrost boots. Ultralative boots from Mountain Horse that you will look forward to.

High Rider II Mountain Horse Boots

Mountain Horse Mountain High Rider II Boots is an ultra durable long leg hide boots made from full grained oil finished genuine hide. Ergonomic shape with EVA detachable inner sole with Nylex® padding and built-in 850°C wrought iron shaft for enhanced stiffness and strength when hiking or driving.

Here you can find our instructions for adjusting long boots. "That' one of the faithful old trustees of Mountain Horse! The following features distinguish these boots. The shoes labeled IPS have a built-in pad of two-layer elastane foam (ethylene vinylacetate ) in the leg to ensure cushioning. Combined with the IPS? system elastic wall with resilient passageways, this pillow contributes to spreading and significantly reducing the down collision forces when you walk over a greater area.

High Rider II, Sporty or Tuffa Norfolk?

In the past I only rode once a riding class a week and recently had to stop to begin with a horse a few days a a week. It feels like it's Christmas Eve to let go of the old gumboots and get my first set of long boots!

I' ve pinpointed the points I like to have so far: Mountain Horse High Rider II (tried on, fits well), Mountain Horse Sportive High Rider (tried on, but they don't have my leg width in the right leg height, but they have to expect to fit) and Tuffa Norfolk (hopefully try on at the weekend).

When someone has experienced one of these boots, can you please tell me the positive and negative messages as to whether they are doing their work and how long they will last? It seems I can usually find good critiques for the high riders. Honestly, I can't see what the major difference is between the high rider and the sporty!

Fyi, I can get the High Rider II for £150, Sports for £170 and Norfolks for £95.

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