Mountain Horse high Rider Brown

High Rider Mountain Horse Brown

Bergpferdstiefel Serengeti High Rider Brown/Olive These boots are made of smooth cowhide and have a beautiful ankle bed with the ShockX-sole. ShockX insoles offer a warm, padded and moist cushion. Furthermore, this Mountain Horse boots has at the top of the zip an elastic section and a smooth patch of hide so that blue spots are a thing of the past.

Our knee highs contain a real YKK zip and we have used the highest grade zip. Additionally to this zip there is an elasticized section which is split over several sides for a better fitting. Yes, I suggest this item The saddle boobs are really gorgeous and really pretty, I'd buy them again. It's a shame that there are no track belts in the same colour that come with the saddle.

Alpine Horse Sovereign High Rider - Brown (Mountain Horse) - Mountain Horse - ?322.20 - A fantastic collection by Mountain Horse Sovereign High Rider Brown

Additional ultra-dampening Shock-X inserts make this shoe the ideal boots for serious, labour-intensive drivers or rivals. Shipments within South Ireland will be shipped free of shipping costs from an order value of 150,00 ?. For orders under 150 ? a fee of 5,95 ? will be charged. For all shipments to Northern Ireland we levy a shipping fee of 6,80 ?.

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