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Choosing a Rocky - Split-Ridge Farm Rocky Mountain Trees

It'?s the horse! What makes you think you can pick a Rocky? It' very easy - they are the best horse in every respect! Ok, don't just believe me, research a little about the race and then go to one or two farms and hit some of them, you'll see! All riders want a nice riding animal that is a true eye-catcher - they want a vigilant, eye-catching looking horse that is ready to please and master a fantasy.

Boy, we have the race just right for you! The Rocky is the right horse for you if you want a horse that is smart, simple to ride, attractive and a pleasure to ride from show ring to track and suitable for any sport! Strong and robust, this race is extreme human and meek - which makes it a great partner and its diversity is astonishing!

"American Made - The Rocky Mountain race, which began in the later 1800s in the Kentucky offshoots, is an all-round horse that can suit any life style. Although they are regarded as a scarce race on the "watch list", their appeal is increasing as more humans experience them and they can be found in the USA, Canada and even Europe.

Whatever kind of horses you think you are - a Rocky can transform your mind and inspire a lifetime of dedication! Called the "all-around horse" - they are beautiful! The " all-terrain " horse can be taken off the track for a little " four-wheel riding " and mountaineering - definitely a sturdy horse in a beautiful pack.

Rocky Mountain Horse Association was founded in the 1980's and started the organised conservation of a rare and exceptional horse race. Rocky Mountain Horse distinguishes itself from all others by having received a certification sign from the U.S. Patents and each horse must be inspected and certificated to make sure it conforms to the breed's standard before it can be used for stud or exhibition.

You have to fulfil the demands on walk, grace, build, colour and temperament. Thus it is guaranteed that only top class horse are used for the breed and no low grade characteristics are transmitted. But the only qualifications of most races is that the horse comes from two registrated parentage, regardless of their characteristics - the Rocky Mountain Horse guarantees top class work!

You can also register your skirties at the Kentucky Mountain Registry and the gang registers. Only one horse from two registrated and certificated RMHA parent horses can be entered as a Rocky! horse. Each horse is DNA-tested to make sure its pedigree is correct. Rocky is wonderfully formed and has an attentive and interested look at him.

You are very smart and have a great predisposition that makes you very simple to practice and use. It is a kind horse with a great wish to be with its people and to please them, they start quickly and readily and keep what they have learnt. You are a very robust horse (simple owner), which is able to survive rough condition without particular maintenance and has a great endurance.

You are uncomplicated and not creepy - and yet have a very eye-catching look. It comes in many nice and original colours that distinguish it from other stallions. Renowned for the colour "chocolate" - the race is one of few that carries the silvery apple genes, the dark coat on the skin to darker chocolate and flax to thinner whites on male and female tails.

They have a straight, wandering four-stroke gangway, which comes from nature. There are no need (or allowed) for a boot, weight or ligament to coach these horse to walk, they are just borne with it. Trouble-free walking is super-soft for the horse back, and the horse can endure long stretches without getting weary.

A lot of folks think that paces are all gaits - but that's not the case - a Rocky can do anything any unbound horse can AND they can run at multiple speed, it's like a horse with extraempomat! Once you have found your beautifully supple pace, you will never return to a trot!

Click here to learn more about the Rocky Mountain Horse Breed story. Click here or on the RMHA emblem below to access the Rocky Mountain Horse Association's website.

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