Mountain Horse Kids

Bergpferd children

Specification of products The colours of the kaleidoscope call to the whole earth to go to a different percussionist. You' re seeing the whole earth in the colours of the rains instead of in the colours of darkness. Go for a trip on the unusual horse and party your singularity! Russo's truly singular work of art is known for its vibrant colours and daring abstracted design of fascinating forms and icons.

Ceilings - Separate washing in a gentle washing programme in cool running brine. Cushion covers & pet duvets - washing machines separate in cool washing in gentle washing programme. Carrier bags - washing machines separate in cool washing solution. Clothing - All Mountain Clothing - Washing machines in cool waters. Within the USA, we ship our products within 7-10 working days after placing the order (including delivery and handling time).

Those items are sent separately from the Mountain Apparel item. Not international shipment.

Two Mountain Horse Ranch

All our children's programmes are aimed at awakening a lifelong love of nature and wildlife, inspiring and challenging your children and educating them in an environment of enjoyment and care. Children of all age groups benefit from small excursion groups built on driving skills and adventure. Several of our donkeys are lifesavers and offer useful lesson in sympathy, empathy and coping with challenging situations.

No matter whether your baby wants to know how to live in the forest or how to care for a horse, our programmes are sufficiently versatile to meet your child's needs. Children will experience an memorable trip! Drivers under the age of 18 must have a parental or parental signed prior to driving.

Minnie Horses Heroes

Mini Horse Hero is a pre-school programme for children from 3-5 years and their parents/caretakers. The children will be spending valuable hours with the horse as they explore developmental approaches to pre-school educational goals. Every single and every single working week will be full of exercise, singing, craftsmanship and of course a lot of spare capacity!

For the reservation of your place you need to pay and register. There is a minimal demand of at least 5 children and at most 10. The Horse Heroes Summer Camp allows our guests to connect with their "own" emergency horse and a saddle horse. The 4-day programme involves the horse rider developing his or her horse back style together with a horse back style class or hike (Tuesday and Thursday classes; Wednesday and Friday hikes).

By spending a lot of times with the horse, the children also developed a feeling for R.E.S.S.P.E.C.T. (responsibility, empowerment, stewardship, endurance, empathy, cooperation and trust). There is a 12 camper per night limitation and all camper must be at least 8 years old. Booking and paying is a prerequisite for the reservation of your place.

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