Mountain Horse Polaris Boots

Bergpferd Polaris Boots

Our newest Mountain Horse winter boot, the Mountain Horse Stella Polaris Tall Boot, is fashionably chic and functional at the same time! The Mountain Horse Stella Polaris Winter Rider is the latest winter boot from Mountain Horse. Stella Polaris horse winter boots with heat-insulating lining.

Bergpferd Stella Polaris Big Boot

Our newest Mountain Horse boots, the Mountain Horse Stella Polaris Tall Boat, are stylish and practical at the same time! Carefully engineered for a snug fitting and excellent grip on icy, snowy and riser surfaces, this boots is ideal for outdoor use. Evaluations provided on this website reflect the experiences of the individuals who have published the evaluation.

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Bergpferd Ladies Stella Polaris Winter Boots

Think I' m gonna get years of wearing these boots. Oh, I really adore that snowboots! After a while it gets a bit felt, but it is the hottest boots I have ever used. I' d buy that boots in a heartbeat again.

All I had with them was that a sting under the zip on the back would give me a bubble, after a few short months the sting got softer and now they're great.

Mountaineering horse Stella Polaris winter boots

We at Mountain Horse are dedicated to bringing the highest level of product value, cutting-edge design and functionality to our equestrians, keeping them warmer and more relaxed and enabling them to spend their outdoor moments. Newest Mountain Horse boots are stylish and functionally fashionable, carefully engineered for a snug fitting and excellent grip on icy and snowy surfaces.

Hard-wearing PU top material with quilting and membranes makes this boots 100% impermeable until the beginning of the zip. The robust and hard-wearing YKK zip on the back makes it easier to put the shoe on and take it off. Reflecting insets on the back of the shoe for driving at dark. Ergonomic, detachable EVA insert with Nylex padding.

The footrest is made of imitation leathers, impermeable to water, and proven to resist a million bends at -10°C. Particularly thin and contours sole, especially developed for driving.

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