Mountain Horse Richmond high Rider

Richmond high Rider mountain horse

Richmond Mountain Horse High Rider ladies field boots. Purchase Mountain Horse Richmond High Rider Long Riding Boots from Rideaway, the leading British equestrian retailer! Mountain Horse Richmond High Rider Long Riding Boots is now available from the official Mountain Horse retailer Derbyhouse. The Richmond High Rider are technically mature boots made of leather especially for ladies.

Richmond Mountain Horse High Rider Ladies Field Boot

Sales are for inventory only, please review the dropdown list for uptime. Manufactured from full-grain cowhide and in an elegantly classical style, the form offers the highest levels of comforts. This outsole is fitted with the new patent-registered ironing control system 3. The SCS3 is a singular system, which offers an unprecedented and unmatched feet firmness in the temple.

The heel and sole are fitted with Aergozone shock absorber technologies. Aerogozone System is developed to concentrate shock-absorbing ability while pedaling and reduces strain on your foot, knee and back. For the MST core, a special styling has been developed to increase strength while providing maximal shock absorbency in the Aergozone system.

Ergonomic, detachable EVA outsole with shock-absorbing Poron cushions and the A.C.E. system that stimulates perfusion throughout the feet. Boot and shoe fitted with the SCS3 fits and can be used with most other U-bracket/stirrup cushions on the market. Verify the dropdown list for availabilities.

Richmond Mountain Horse High Rider Long Driving Boats available at Derbyhouse

One of our most beloved models is this one. Sleek and classy competitive boots with Mountain Horse's integrated soleplate stapes control system for excellent traction and strength in combination with the SCS3 stapes. Padded cushioning system absorbs impact while a stainless steal shaft provides strength.

SCS3 Grip can be used with all other standard hangers/steps. Used with traditional profiles, it works securely and feels like any other type of horse racing boot. Mountain Horse, however, recommends using SCS3 Grip steps with SCS3 Grip Boot to maximize the system's power.

The Richmond High Rider is approved for use in BHS, BSJA, BD and BE contests, but is not acceptable under the Pony Club regulations that require boot to have a "smooth sole".

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