Mountain Horse Rimrock high Rider Boot

Rimrock Mountain Horse High Rider Boots

A genuine winter boot at an attractive price-performance ratio - and Mountain Horse is a company whose name is synonymous with cold weather shoes. An inexpensive winter boot with excellent calf adjustment, the Rimrock Rider helps keep feet and legs warm in dirty weather conditions. Rimrock Highrider Mountain Horse Horse is a new twist on an old classic! This Mountain Horse Boot is an inexpensive winter boot with no frills. Equestrian equipment from a master saddler in Bath.


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The Rimrock isolated high boot is the best in terms of thermal insulation and comfortable fit for your ski touring needs at an affordable price! ESSENTIAL FOR HORSE AND RIDERS - Take a look at horse carpets, tacks, cycling boot, apparel and more from the world's top horse racing brand names. Come to Derby House today for a vast selection of horse blankets, apparel, helmets and boot covers, and top gear.

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