Mountain Horse Sovereign

Bergpferd Sovereign

Mountaine HorseĀ® Sovereign Field Boots Regular Calf 6-11, Broad Calf 7-11, Brown - Regular Calf 7-11, Broad Calf 7-10, Slim Calf 6-10, Slim Calf 6-10, Classic and Classic, the Mountain Horse(R) Sovereign Field Boots provides a more relaxed heel location with the Mountain HorseĀ® Prolaze-Flexnotch? technology. Powerful and long-lasting YKK Vislon back zip, top zip holder on the boots, sturdy concealed rubber band on the side of the zip for a snug and snug fit, smooth, high-quality, select real leathers liner, top in Spain, 9 loops with firm, stretchy laces, Mountain Horse Prolaze-Flexnotch technology for convenient heel positioning, Ergonomic, detachable insoles, push button protector to protect the zip, spore overlay, extraordinary high-Density Density? sole with grippy riffle areas for better power, built-in hardened metal shaft for enhanced strength when horse back and feet, Mountain Horse boots and boots pocket supplied.

I' ve wore many kinds of high heels, even some very costly, made-to-measure country heels. I' ve recently purchased a set of your Sovereign everyday boot. I' m going anywhere from 2-6 steeds a DA. All I have to say is that I adore these heels! They' re comfy, they' re like bespoke shoes and they look fantastic!

I' m seriously considering getting a couple in blacks for the horse show. I' ve been hearing such great things about these shoes and was really thrilled to buy them, but I need a big one and unfortunately the slip was much too slender. Since they don't make them with a slender normal veal.... which I don't comprehend.

I' d like to have some of those too. Not available in my own sizes. 5- 1/2 to 6, shortly with broad calves. Boot's are great, but they need a normal leg height.............the sliders are just too thin..... I' d like to get these nice shoes, but unfortunately they don't come in 39, Shorts, Wid.

Some of my mates would buy them, too, if the broad and concise options were available. My legs are very thin and actually the size of my legs is too big (Ariat and Treadstep thin knee high fits me very well. In fact, the inner dimension of the booted calf is bigger than indicated in the size table.

But they are marked in the legs - "normal, slim" I was destroyed. They look great when worn (I got the tan ). But after riding them once, I found that I can put 2 finger gently into the boot when they are fitted and they are loosely in the thigh.

Well, by the time Hibernation comes, it'll be my hiking shoes. Those heels are very nice in tan. Sadly, they don't match like my other Mountain Horse Fileild shoes, which are a normal seven sizes and a little too big. On the Soverign 7 the insole is at least one dimension bigger and although I was measuring at the precise level for a shot, they are laughably shor.

To my horror I need a 6 normal sized, which is only offered in blacks. but I' m so unhappy with the sizes. I' m wearing a 7.5 in sneakers, 7 in Atlantis jackboots and my legs were floating in the 7 sovereigns.

I' d even try to reduce a whole height to 6, except that they are not made in a normal length of 6 calves?! Disgruntled by the temptation of nice shoes and the missing selection of different heights. Since I have had them for a little over a year and not a trace of a real trouble, I really adore them!

It' s also a great prize, they are my first really beautiful army boot and to be honest I could not have asked for more.

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