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At Mountain Horse International we market our products to customers throughout Sweden. At Horse we have focused on every detail of the development of high quality clothing and footwear. The complete collection can be viewed and purchased online at

A Mountain Horse TV commercial broadcast on Horse & Country TV, Sweden. Horse Mountain Ladies Sovereign field boots are at HorseLoverZ, the place where horse products and equipment are sold.

Mountaineering horse (

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Rocky Mountain Horse!

Sveriges imports the Rocky Mountain Horses from Rocky Mountain Horses and offers them as a variety for anyone who wants to deal with the subject of fantasy. You can find information about myselva on the website haemsidan, men who are no longer able to do their work and who can put it into practice.

Rocky Mountain Horse! The sign for Rockyn på venska. There is a lot of information about turf together; all from the origin to the fields of use, turf standard, turf, turf, turf specialities and how turf is used, turfed and kept in the USA. There are also examples of how turf of a description, other mountain habitat associations and so clear; what makes Rockyn so special.

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Fokus Europe - Mountain Horse

Since 1988, the family-run Mountain Horse has been creating and producing solely high-quality riding clothes. Headquartered in Vallda, Halland, Sweden, the Mountain Horse Winter Rider boat was originally designed by Lars Sjosward, a company owner who wanted a boots that would help keep his Catherina' s toe cool during the hard winter of Sweden.

This was the world's first winter-lined boots and the starting shot for Mountain Horse. Lars has been the market leader and strategic market leader throughout the company's entire corporate life and Catherina is responsible for strategic brands. Lars' youngest child Rolf entered the business after studying in the USA and Sweden and completed part of his education in China.

He now leads the entire shoe evolution and brings the latest innovation and technologies to a constantly expanding and challenging horse world. In order to please consumers, an in-house creative department is charged with interpreting current fashion tendencies and making sure that our season collection meets our customers' needs so that the brands continue to create new and inspiring and sophisticated season shoe and clothing ranges.

"Every year there are two new ranges, one in early and one in late fall and every year we bring a number of innovative products to the market in the shape of built-in security devices, intelligent designs and new fabrics for clothes, footwear and boots," says Catherina. It is also focussed on preserving and further developing its qualities in the horse riding and lifestyle market as a dependable technology and technology label that addresses both the needs of horse riding and countryside fashions.

Mountain Horse's mission is to keep manufacturing high performance, ambitious riding and country shoes and clothing that are long-lasting, desirably fashionable and fun. In addition, the Group aims to significantly expand its segment by offering outstanding client services, coveted and well-marketed regional collection titles and TV and riding titles.

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