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Some of our colts are specially chosen to complete our mare line. Furthermore, we routinely export broodmares that are raised by top Kentucky breeders. Please click on the name of each stud to get more information and pictures. It''s a simple walk, nothing too exciting, but its appearance is breathtaking.

Meanwhile there are many descendants of him in Europe, and they seem to be very persuasive... he is throwing his style and his nice colours and because humans are so satisfied, they often return the mare after a few years. Everybody can horse him, with broodmares, on the paths and so on.

It has an astonishing gear range and never shows any tendency to cross diagonals or speed, even when driven without bridles, it will retain a clear 4-stroke gear. It is a great example for the race and we are hoping to be able to use it with many broodmares in the coming years. Mothers 3/4 sibling, CF's Zorro, is a multiple champion in the show ring in Kentucky.

One of the last descendants of the famous Johnsons Toby, Spirit is known for his great walk. The Spirit is a phenomenal walking horse with a 4 stroke imprisoned, able to train at high speeds. Perhaps modest in his barn, he shows great power and boldness under the horseback. He won several title in hands and under saddle as RMHA International Champion Show Pleasure 2007 and Reserve Grand Champion Show Pleasure 2007 at the RMHA Nationals, 2007 International Champion Stal in Hand.

That'?s a real fairy tale horse! One of the 2010 TV show finals of "America's Most Favorite Trail Horse", a Sam Tuttle Versatility Award recipient, he was not only shown under seat, but also by car! Many thanks to Kathy Allison, for the nice pics! Congratulations to Gitte Arnason for buying this great horse and we are hoping that he will have many lovely cubs.

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