Mountain Horse Winter Jacket

Winter Jacket Mountain Horse

A cozy riding jacket for the Mountain Horse crew. Slipper into a comfortable protection with the Beverly Wrap Collar padded winter jacket from Mountain Horse! The jacket was purchased online at Dover Saddlery. This original Mountain Horse winter jacket is one of the most popular winter riding jackets. BERGPFERD ACTIVE WINTER CLOSURE PADDOCK.

Winter Jacket Clearance

Favourite Mountain Horse Crew Jacket is 100% water resistant, wind proof and breatheable. Completely closed back welt, YKK two-way zip, stretch front zip, two front zipped pocket, antipilling lining on the neck and removable zip away from the front part. Now also available in the USA!

100 per cent watertight, wind-proof and breatheable. Awesome jacket! So much I like this jacket that I have several colours.

It' watertight and wind-proof, I like it. It' also has a cowl on it. It is a beautiful jacket for 3 season. I' m not wearing it in winter because I need a heavy jacket for the winter in Pennsylvania. I' m glad Mountain Horse came out with this jacket.

Beverly Wrap Collar Padded Winter Jacket

Slipper into a comfortable cover with the Beverly wool coll padded winter jacket from Mountain Horse! Built in a water-repellent and wind-proof design, this sleek jacket is equipped with a fluffy wraparound neck that keeps out the cold efficiently as the fashionable a-symmetrical front zip provides variety for a variety of meteorological situations.

The Beverly has a soft cushioning for isolation and heat, while flexible stitching and finned trims provide protection from the winds. Equipped with side zippered bags, the essential can always be within reach, making this jacket ideal for horse back rides, stable work and everything in between! Properties:

Mountaineer HorseOriginal Mountain Horse WinterjackeHabillement Occidental Casual Apparel

The jacket was bought at Dover Saddlery on-line. I' m living in a northerly clima and I've had enough of bundling up to be able to go horsebackiding in winter. Clothes that are not made for horseback riders tend to tweak, nip and horsebackback. That jacket is like a nightmare. This jacket is suitable for horse riders instead of a canvas/duck work jacket that makes you look like a potatoe on your horse.

It has a back pocket that remains open for horseback rides and can be closed for carrying in the city. This jacket is extremly hot without volume. It was ten degrees comfortable and I was actually a little warmer! It' a jacket that' s good value for your pocket; being able to drive in comfort all winter long will be a pleasure this year.

That jacket was made for work. Sturdy zips, snap fasteners and materials. It''s a jacket you put on every day (like I do). And the other thing I like about it is that it's calm, I don't like winter clothing that's loud or hard in colder weathers.

I' m just wearing a pullover underneath and I' m very hot at zero┬░C. I' m very hot. Conclusion: This jacket is valuable for every cent, because it consists of three jackets in one: a functioning barns cloak, a horse ride cloak and an every day all-round cloak. That jacket gives me at least three additional month this year.

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